I awoke late again, and it was almost 9:30 am when I rolled out of bed. I went through the motions of getting ready to face the day and brought out the bird feeders as it was not raining nor any rain in the immediate forecast. What was a little troublesome was the forecast for a really cold front to come through in the next couple of days with the overnight lows down to 35 degrees. Only in Texas can it be in the 80’s during the day and almost freezing at night. 

Last winter, we had some snow and frost but nothing too serious and it had come and gone in two weeks and that was the sum extent of our winter. If we do not lose electricity, we will be OK but if we do, many of the RV’s are equipped with their own generator either built-in or of a moveable type. I do not have one for The Caboose and it is on my list of things to buy. If the winter is not severe or we do not lose electricity, then we will not need a generator of our own but that is a lot of ifs. Better to be on the safe side. 

Following our walk which incidentally was not very long as my Glute muscle in my left hip is really playing up. I treated it with Ben Gay, a muscle relaxer and it has helped a bit. Thank goodness I bought the walking stick as it helps a lot. 

I messed around with the phones in an attempt to get them to talk to each other but with no luck. On my old computer, I was able to work on photos and then add a signature, but I have not been able to reproduce that on the new computer. I dislike change and having to learn new things, which is why I am reluctant to make any with computers and such. I used to apply the same logic when I was dating women and look where that got me. 

Late in the afternoon, we went out walking the Park and met a couple of others doing the same thing. Depending on the dog or dogs, sometimes we stop and talk, and the dogs go through the motions of buddying up. Other times, we wave and move on as the dogs bark at each other from a distance. 

The rest of the day was spent lazing around and then eventually watching a Premier League game and then finally, the last episode of Yellowstone at least until the new version comes out. Even then, it was midnight before we crawled under the covers.

Written 10/28/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com