It was almost 10:00 am before I even woke up. I have no idea why I slept so late as I had a good night’s sleep. Maybe, too good but we have nothing planned. It was sunny when we first woke up and crawled out of bed but clouded over as the day wore on. 

The first thing was the bird feeders and then walkies. We wandered around the park and covered almost a mile. My hip was feeling much better which helped a lot with how far to walk. It was definitely much cooler out, shades of things to come in the next few days? I have taken down the Hummingbird feeders as they have flown off to follow the sun and will not be back until the Spring. Amazing to think of those tiny birds flying nonstop to Mexico or over the oceans. 

I sat around and worked on the blog and heard a knock on the door. Looking up, I saw Peggy standing there with a bowl of her own Blueberry Delight that was steaming hot. She did not stay and hurried, and I mean that quite literally, back to her RV. I sat and enjoyed the desert, and it was delicious. Must remember the name, Peggy’s Blueberry Delight. 

I had to put on the heat plus the electric fireplace as it was getting cold inside of The Caboose. My thermostat said it was 70 degrees indoors. It is supposed to get down to almost freezing outside for the next couple of days and nights. We will be fine just as long as we have electricity. 

Sandy was being a bug which generally means “I gotta go Dad”. I harnessed them up and we went out walking the outside road towards Hwy 290. We saw a half dozen or so deer in the exotic park who immediately took off as we approached. We did not walk the full length of the lane but headed back after about halfway. It had turned a lot colder, and I was glad of my jacket. Altogether, we walked 1.5 miles for the day.  

When we got back, I brought in the bird feeders as there had not been very many birds all afternoon. The weather was already turning much colder as the front blew in and it looked like rain. We adjourned back inside where it was nice and warm for the usual evening’s food and entertainment. 

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