I got up early enough to turn on the water heater switch so that I could take a shower and while it was warming up, opened the blinds to let the sun in to help warm the place and did a couple of other things. Ten minutes later, the water was hot, and I luxuriated in the warmth of the shower. I toweled off and found myself clean clothes and dressed ready to face another day. The first thing was to bring out the bird feeders that I had remembered to bring in last evening before harnessing up my two little friends ready for that first walk. For some reason, I kept thinking that it was Saturday, but a quick check of my phone put that right. 

I had on a light jacket although it was not cold out but just cool enough to warrant it especially when a breeze blew in. We did not walk far and just circled the park as my hip was sore and acting up. Darn thing, I wish it would get better. 

I noticed that the house heaters were not coming on and went outside to change the gas bottles. In this case, all I did was switch bottles and will change them out later. With the heater working, the RV quickly warmed up and I fixed breakfast and coffee and fed the dogs. 

The next thing was to check emails, most of which were the usual junk and trashed. The few that needed my attention were quickly dealt with. I went outside and changed out the empty gas bottle for the full one that I try to always keep on hand. Daniel is exceptionally good at refilling empty gas bottles although he tries to wait so that there are several that need filling around the campground and not just one or maybe two. Incidentally, that is one of the few things that I can help him with, refilling gas bottles.  

He has a special license certifying him to do this task and technically, no one that is not licensed should do it. Obviously, this is to prevent any accidents as an untrained person could very quickly cause one with disastrous results. My role is to unload the empty bottles and then reload the full ones onto his four-wheeler for delivery. 

Then when we get to each delivery site, I grab the appropriate bottle and Daniel either hooks them up, depending on the client or stands them alongside the RV. Closest thing to a workout that I do nowadays. 

The day went by as it always does, and I decided to drive into town to try to renew my driver’s license for the next couple of years. I located the DPS Office and stood in line for a while. When I reached the window, the lady clerk was annoyed at me because I did not register for a place in line when I got there but dealt with me anyway even though I could tell she was angry. On top of that, when I told her about my business, she told me that this office does not issue driver’s license and I need to go into Austin to get it done.  

What she did not tell me was that I needed an appointment and to call ahead to make one, which of course, I did not do. I made the 25 odd mile drive into the DPS Office and walked up to the door, The first thing I saw in letters at least 4 ft high (just kidding) on the door was that I needed an appointment, which I did not have. Plus, on top of that there were many people waiting in line which stretched outside the office. 

I thought about it and decided that I would make the 20-mile drive into Bastrop where I had renewed my driver’s license a couple of years ago and at that time, without any trouble. The drive was uneventful, and I located the DPS Office without any problems having been there before only to discover the same sign on the door, “Appointment Only.” They too were very crowded so I knew there would not be any walk-ins. Cursing under my breath, I made the almost 65-mile drive back to Henly frustrated with all my wasted efforts. What a totally wasted day. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way although, when I sat down to watch the TV, I immediately dozed off and did not re-awaken until the movie was over. At that point, I went to bed. 

Written 11/04/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com