They come in all shapes and sizes…

I got up a little earlier than I normally do to a cloudy and rainy day although it was not raining too hard, and we harnessed up to go out walking. For some reason, I forgot my phone and did not think anything of it until after we had finished the walk and were back inside of The Caboose when I started looking for it. I searched high and low and could not find the darn thing anywhere. 

Then I started to get a little worried and searched The Caboose a second time to find the damn thing. Greg had stopped by, and I told him the problem and he said he would keep a lookout. I emailed the group, so the word was out to “Find Frank’s phone”. 

I retraced my steps in the RV and was in the bedroom and happened to look to where the alarm clock sits and noticed an electric cord which I traced back to the outlet and on the other end was the bloody phone. This was a totally new spot to charge the phone and not very visible which is why I did not remember that it was there. Talk about losing it and I’m not talking about the phone but my memory. I quickly let everyone know it had been found. I did get extra exercise out of it having to retrace my morning walk. Incidentally, the dogs did not get to go with me the second time or I would still be out there. 

With that scare put to bed, I worked on the blog to bring us up to date. On such a rainy and miserable day, I don’t think we will do much outdoors. Indoors it is warm and cozy with the heater kicking on as needed. 

I sat around for some of the afternoon not doing much of anything. Well, that is not entirely true as I worked on the computer trying to figure out why I was able to work on pictures and such on the old one and cannot figure out how to do it on the new one. Very frustrating. 

It started to rain much harder than before and we still had not gone out for the evening walk. So, I dug up an umbrella and put my jacket on and out we went. We only walked as far as the mailbox before turning around and heading back to the RV and getting inside as quickly as we could, the dogs were wet, but they stood still for me to towel them off.  

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion of food and Television. 

Written 11/09/2023. Read my other blog at