Jayco Eagle

This is the very first post written on the new site. The reason for the new site is pretty simple. I am in the process of selling my house and moving full time into my RV which means that I will probably no longer be posting about ponds. Unless of course, that my travels take me to some beautiful location that happens to have a pond or two worth writing about..

The point is that the title of the old site was Pondblog 2011.com and it was not solely restricted to pond articles as I used it to write about everything that interested me. However, I could not change the title to show that the blogs have changed and that there would be very little, if any pond related articles as the heading was also the domain name. The only way out was to take advantage of a free domain name that was offered to me and give the new site a title more suited to the content.

As a lot of my future blogs will be about RV ‘s and life spent travelling and living in an RV, this new site is named http://livinginanRV,blog Just like the original site, articles will not be restricted as to their content and I will continue to write about anything that interests me. The original site https://pondblog2011.com/ will always be available for any of you wanting to re read some of my blogs and poetry.

Thank you for your support over these past ten years. It’s been a wild ride…
Written 01/21/2021