A week or so ago, I moved the RV to a site named Henly RV Park located just outside of Dripping Springs in a little township of Henly. As far as I can tell, there is not much to Henly and the RV Park may be the largest thing in town but I have yet to fully explore the neighbourhood.

Henly RV Park Entrance.

I had a couple of reasons for moving the RV which I named Eagle. This is not only the model name as in Jayco Eagle but it seemed like a good name of choice for her. One reason for moving was because of its location in the driveway of my house and I was giving myself a kick up the rear end as I was perfectly content to let it sit there and was not making much headway towards getting the place ready to sell.

My plan is to spend time at both locations heading to the Eagle when sorting and packing my stuff gets the better of me. Knowing me, that will probably be as much time as I can spend in it. Sorting stuff that I have had for more than thirty years is no fun as much of it has not been looked at or touched in a lot of that time. Besides, I am moving from an 1800 square foot home into an area not much more than 200 square feet with not a great amount of storage space. I don’t ever plan on a permanent home again unless its an Old Fogies Home and I really don’t want that. Consequently, in my case, its a matter of selling, giving away or trashing the contents of the house except for the few things that I do want to keep which won’t take up much room. There are several items that in theory should have sentimental value but the practical person in me is not leaning in that direction and they too, will hopefully find new homes.

Space, especially storage space is of the essence in a Travel Trailer and cannot be wasted on frivolous things that will probably never see the light of day once installed in some closet within the RV. Hence the approach outlined above. I figure at the current rate of progress, it will take me a couple of months to get it all done and the house on the market. By that time, I will have made a decision on rehoming the fish.

Moving the trailer went very well. It is always better to have a helper if for nothing more than to give directions when hooking up the 5th wheel or helping to get the RV in position at the new site. Backing an RV especially one of the longer ones is no fun on your own. You gotta keep remembering that if you pull the steering wheel down on one side, the trailer will go in the opposite direction. It goes against all logic to the non initiated. I had that happen when I took it to Bastrop a few weeks back and managed to steer the RV pretty neatly between two trees. I couldn’t have done a better park job in a hundred years. Unfortunately, that was not where it was supposed go but at least I didn’t run into anything, that time. I had to drive out and start over. Like I say, it’s great with a helper but there is only me and the dogs and they aren’t very good at that sort of thing. Consequently, I spend a lot of time jumping in and out of the truck to check where I am heading/backing.

Actually as it turns out, I had a bit of help when I pulled in. I checked the site and I thought that I needed to raise up one side and was playing around at that when a young gentleman walked up and introduced himself as one of the owners. We chatted for bit and he told me that he was working on the new section of the park where they were adding spaces for about another thirty or so trailers. He helped me level the trailer which was nice of him and went on his way. As it happens, my next door neighbor pulled in just as I was trying to get the 5th wheel to disengage and having my usual problems. He gave me a couple of tips and the 5th wheel came free. These are the neighbours to my left that have the noisy little Dachshund. I finished setting things up and reluctantly, made the drive back home..

The trailer park is exactly thirty miles from my house or roughly two and a half gallons of diesel fuel. The new sixty gallon tank that I had installed in the truck this week will really help on the long trips meaning that I won’t have to stop every three hundred miles to fill up when we are on the road. Of course, filling the new tank costs at least $100.00 as the old tank only held thirty gallons and I could empty that really quick just driving around town. As you can guess, the truck does not get very good diesel mileage usually around 14-15 without the RV behind it. Then, it is closer to 10 mpg as long as there is not a headwind.

When I had the new tank installed and after paying my bill, I never thought to look in the back of the truck until a couple of days later and much to my surprise, the old tank and its components was sitting there. I called up the installers and they said that they had no way of disposing of the old tanks and left it up to me. More on that later

So there you have it, the start of my adventures with the new blog site. I wonder if many of my followers from the old site, https://pondblog2011.com will follow the new adventures. Here’s hoping.

Written 01/23/2021