The view from my window

Well, I have spent the last three days here in the Henly RV Park for several reasons. The first and most obvious is for the joys of camping out in my RV. There are a couple of others like wanting to check out that everything is functional in the RV and that the campsite is everything I hope it to be. So far, I have not been disappointed in both areas.

I am learning more and more how to adapt the RV to suit our needs. “Our” of course, is me and my two travelling companions. When we first got into town, Dripping Springs that is as I have yet to find much in the township of Henly, we stopped at the HEB and stocked up with groceries, enough to last a couple of days which has now turned into three days although we do plan on going back this afternoon. I have some business in Austin to take care of which will take me through Thursday. After that, who knows although I really should stay at the house and do more packing and cleaning out the rest of my stuff. The problem is that my heart is not in it anymore and I just want out. Maybe I can find a company that will come in and complete the task for a percentage of any money I might make.

I have decided that I really like living in the Eagle. The small space is not a problem to me as I am not claustrophobic. Neither do I need a large area for comfort. My only complaint so far is my inability to get the TV channels that I really want to watch. I have bought a couple of gadgets to help with this and we are in the experimental stage to see what will work. I plan on exchanging the TV that is already installed with one of the newer ones from the house which should help in this area. Maybe I need an Dish antenna as well. I compensated yesterday by watching a football (soccer) game on my laptop. The new desk setup is working out great and I spend quite a bit of time at it. Building a new website does take time.

Yesterday, it rained a fine,misty, drizzly sort of rain all day. Not enough to stop us from walking but we did get a little damp. Today is sunny and warm and not a bit like a winters day. Well OK, maybe in Texas. Today, I have got to view several of my neighbors as they have gone about their business. One couple made several trips to the campground laundry, another came over to clean her RV and let her cat out. Not sure if she lives there as I have not seen her before but that is not surprising as I haven’t been here that much. I saw a couple of cats that another neighbor had let out and they scampered around for a bit before returning to their RV. This looks like it will be a very interesting place.

Now, I really do need to make some effort and head back to the “Bricks and Sticks”. I was going to head back yesterday and changed my mind and had to ask my neighbor to take a quick peek at the ponds. She is such a smart lady as when she contacted me, it was via video phone and I could see what the problem was and able to give her instant advice. Technology is a wonderful thing, sometimes…

More to come.
Written 01/25/2021