This what my truck looks like

As I plan to do all of my blogging in the future on this site, it will also contain a lot of items that are not immediately related to RV’ing and todays blog is a perfect example of that. I also write a lot of poetry and those too will also appear here. In fact, anything that I blog about will now be on this site.

Having said that, today’s topic is a review of the past couple of days as we slowly wend towards closing and selling this house and moving full time into the RV. Yesterday, I had to take the truck in to the dealership to have several items worked on. The main one as far as I am concerned is why is the “check engine light” is showing on the dashboard. That could be anyone of a number of different things and the cost could range up to hundreds of dollars. Hopefully, it will be some small problem that is easily resolved. Since I installed the larger gas tank, I have had problems with the truck not firing up instantly as it did previous to the installation. It still starts but turns over several times before catching which is another item on the list.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had not noticed the old tank in the back of the truck until a couple of days later. Luckily for me, my truck salesman has taken that off my hands as he has a friend who needed a new one. Me, I’m just glad to have it gone as not only did it take up room in my truck which has limited room anyway because of the 5th wheel hitch but it also stank of diesel everytime I was close to the truck.

Covid Ford here in Austin where I purchased my last three vehicles, provided me with a loaner while working on my truck. It is a Ford (what else?) Edge and is a very nice little car, When you come to a stop with your foot on the brake, the engine shuts off to conserve fuel and the minute you release the brake pedal, starts back up again. Pretty neat. It also has a few other gadgets which I was previously unfamiliar with and which took me a few minute to work out. I’ll bet one thing is sure. It will definitely get better gas mileage than my truck does. I find it a little more difficult to get in and out of compared to the truck as it is much lower to the ground.

Since coming back from Henly a couple of days ago, I have not made much progress in actually doing much in the way of physical work regarding selling the house. I have contacted a couple of Estate Sales people to try to get someone interested in holding an Estate Sale of all that is in the house and sheds and am waiting on them to contact me. In truth, other than clean up and such, there is not a great deal I can do regarding the house except maybe check out whatever else I may want to keep as whatever remains will either be sold or trashed. Besides, my heart is not in it. Selling thirty five years of a lifetime plus all of the memories is difficult.

I have given the future of the Koi and the ponds a great deal of thought and have finally come up with a plan. What I am going to do is to have our local Pond Society do a “fish rescue” meaning they will catch all of the fish and then distribute them to the members who may need more Koi, some of which are thirty five years old and nearly three feet in length. There are also around a hundred goldfish that need new homes. Then, the ponds will be refilled and left running without any fish until the house is sold. At that point, the new owners can decide what they want to do regarding the ponds, keep them or fill them in. I would like to say that I will miss the ponds and the fish but in all honesty, that would not be true. Like so many things in my past, those are another episode in my very busy and interesting life and it is time to move on to other things, whatever they may be.

More to follow.

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Written 01/28/2021