This is much tidier than mine but you get the picture…

Well, most of the major decisions have been made and now all that remains is to actually put things into practice. Getting an Estate Sales Company on board is a major step in the right direction but there is still so much to be done. I did rehang all of the pictures as David, my estate person suggested and have filled a couple more boxes with miscellaneous stuff. I called a couple of people and offered them free stuff and am waiting back for a response. How the hell I collected so much of it and why I did is beyond me. Now, a lot of it will eventually find its way to the dump as it has outlived its usefulness and neither can it be recycled.

If I was moving into another house or apartment, I would have more room and would take most of this with me but as my new abode is no bigger the 200 sq ft, it doesn’t have any room for trivial items. If they are not practical, then there is no room at the inn. As it is, I have a duplication in several areas, kitchen utensils being a prime example. I have a complete second set of cooking utensils. Another example is that my house bed covers are for a King Size bed and the one in the RV is a short Queen. I can make the covers work but there sure is a lot of extra hanging down. As for clothes, I have a large closet full of clothes that were worn over the years especially when I was a working man as a Manager at UT. As that was 20 years ago, a lot no longer fits me. It all shrank while hanging in the closet, you understand. Nothing to do with me putting on weight while losing a lot of muscle. I’m sure that someone out there will find a use for suits and long sleeve shirts and maybe even a tie or two. All I wear nowadays are shorts and tee shirts and if it does happen to be a little chilly, maybe a pair of jeans and woolen jacket. I guess when I die, I will be buried in shorts, boots and a tee shirt with a logo on it that says something like, “I own an RV and am too poor for a suit” or “I don’t give a damn what you think” or something equally in poor taste.

When I look around, it is a bit overwhelming at what needs to be done. My problem is that I don’t want to do it and wish it would all go away as if by magic. I don’t know of any magic wand spells so will just have to bite the bullet and get after it. There has to be a logical way to approach this and just need to figure it out. More to follow.

Written 02/03/2021