Bastrop North Shore Park

I seem to have reached a point in my life
another point it has to be said
where so many things are in a strife
creating problems in my head
it has nothing to do with not having a wife
as I gave them up long ago for dead
deciding that the single life
is the way I wanted to go instead
no my problems are what to do first
as those of you may have read
as I prepare for that final burst
to sell the house and go ahead
and hit the road in my RV
hoping that it will be
the final chapter in my life
as I travel far and wide
enjoying the beautiful countryside
my problem is I have so much stuff
to get rid of before making the move
and I don’t know where to begin
and finding it hard to get in the groove
of tossing out stuff that I had for years
that others would not find a use
instead of which I have to decide
give away or sell or maybe deduce
that on the trash pile is where it should go
making the choice is painfully slow
but I have the time except in my mind
which is telling me we need to go
funny how the mind can play these games
when trying to decide just what to do
what to keep what to sell what to give away
maybe I’ll leave it for another day
which of course is what I have done all along
putting off till tomorrow what needs to be done
knowing full well that this is wrong
as the only way to get out of this mess
is to stick with the program and follow along
so the house and its contents will no longer be mine
after so many years and so much time
a permanent home I’ll no longer possess
my mind says that’s fine with my life reassessed.

Written 02/02/2021