The Eagle at her new site

I think that I mentioned in an earlier blog that when I first moved the Eagle to the Henly RV Park, it would only be in the first parking site temporarily until the start of the month when I would move it to the permanent site that had been allotted to me. In the meantime, I was able to enjoy a few days camping out.

Prior to the end of that first month, I received an email from the park owners telling me that I needed to be ready to make the move to the permanent site as soon as possible as my current site was allocated to neighbors, yet unknown, who would be coming in within a couple of days. It was nicely written and very friendly and was just a reminder. However, I had taken my truck into the dealership for some repairs and was without the means to move the trailer which I wrote back to inform them. They were very understanding about it and suggested that if I would be in attendance to help, one of the owners, a young healthy looking dude of 6 ft something, named James, would move it for me and help with the set up.

We arranged a day and time and I was there ready and waiting for them to appear. “Them” was James and the Park on-site Manager, an older gentleman by the name of Kim who I had met previously. James had come over and introduced himself the first time that I pulled in and helped me set up that time. I sat in the loaner car just passing time looking towards the construction site of the additional trailer parking and watched as a dually truck backed out of the worksite which was at least 100 yards away coming towards me. i figured it was James and was in awe that he chose to back the entire distance. He jumped out and introduced himself and about that time, Kim pulled up on his 4 wheeler and came to join the party. Kim has to be at least as old as me if not older.

Anyway, in no time flat, with very little help from the both of us, James had the RV hooked up to his 5th wheel and had hauled it over to the new site. Kim and I both followed in our respective vehicles and I watched as James proceeded to back the RV into the new site with very little adjustments and getting it right almost the first time. I kept thinking back to the last time that I had to do the same thing when I camped at Bastrop and managed to make a wonderful park job between two trees. Unfortunately for me, I was off by 45 degrees that time and it took me a while to start over and get it straightened out. In my defence, I didn’t have a spotter to help me. James happened to mention that he and his family had been RV’ing a long time which probably explains why he is so good at backing up. Some things get better with practice.

We spent some time levelling the RV until we were all satisfied and they both helped with the hookups. Between them, they could just not do enough for which I was very grateful. I finished with the sewer and water hookups and then opened up the 3 slides, turned on the gas, checked the refrigerator to make sure it was working, set the thermostat and before heading home, checked everything again. I left the water turned off as I needed a new washer to stop the connection from leaking and didn’t have one with me. Satisfied that was all that I needed to do, I headed home all the time, wishing that I didn’t have to.

As it happens, later in the week, I received another email from the Park Management, this time directed to all of the tenants to make them aware of the upcoming winter weather. This was a warning that would result in several days of freezing weather and to have the water shut off by 9:00 pm each evening and the hoses disconnected to minimize the risk of freezing pipes. So, I jumped back into my loaner car and headed back to the park to disassemble the hose from the spigot, covering it to prevent it from freezing and unhooking the hose from the RV. At the same time, I also turned on the heat and set the thermostat to 65 degrees to keep the RV safe. Looking around, I could see that the tenants had changed quite considerably and most of the parking spaces were full as several new RV’s moved in. Even the new site that was still under construction, had a couple of RV ‘s parked in them.

Satisfied that I had done my bit, once again I headed home to a couple of noisy little dogs all excited to see me knowing that they would be going for their evening walk. I will need to make another trip within a couple of days to check on the gas and change tanks if need be.

This is my permanent site at for least all of the time that I am at this Park. It all depends on how much longer it takes to sell the house and close out that part of the business but I do have it reserved until the end of June. Hopefully, I will be long gone before then but again, who knows what is in the future. I didn’t see these icy conditions coming either.
BTW, as I write this, it is 33 degrees outside…

Written 02/11/2021

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