Mine has a similar setup

As those of you that are following this blog know, my RV is parked at Henly RV Park here in Texas just outside of Dripping Springs as I work towards the sale of my house and all of my worldly goods along with it. I stay in the RV for a couple of days at a time whenever I can but due the recent cold spell that we are going through, have opted to stay at my “bricks and sticks” to keep an eye on the ponds at least until the weather breaks.

Usually, with normal weather, this would not be a problem as the heaters would be turned very low, just enough to take the chill off. Now though, it is a very different story with the temperatures below freezing both day and night requiring that the heaters are working full time to prevent any damage to the plumbing. This in turn uses more propane, fuel for this particular action which in my case, is contained in two 40 pound propane tanks very similar to the setup in the picture above.. This type of system is common in most RV’s with supplemental electric heat from various sources. Electricity is not a problem as the RV is on full hook ups.

I stopped over a couple of days ago when the weather first turned cold and changed out the propane tank to the full one leaving the empty one by the RV for Kim, the Park Super, to fill which he does for all tenants as a part of the normal practice. Today, I was planning on going over to change tanks but the roads are in no condition to drive with icy patches all over. I know they are bad as there are hardly any cars going by on my street which is very unusual. My only way out was to call Kim and ask him if he would change out the tanks for me hoping that it would last long enough until the roads are drivable again within the next couple of days. I could tell that he wasn’t too happy about it but somewhat grudgingly agreed to help out. Maybe I am doing him a disservice. I offered to pay him for his services which I hope that he will accept.

This icy spell is so unusual for us here in southern Texas and especially for it to last so long. For it to be below freezing during the day is quite unheard of. Hopefully, it is a one of a kind and won’t happen again. and we can go back to our normal habits and way of life. Then me and the dogs can spend a couple of days each week at Henly.

Written 02/14/2021