This is not my truck but same model and year. 2016 Ford F250 King Ranch

I am siting here and wondering when
I will see my truck again
as it has now been in the shop
almost five weeks and that’s a lot
of time to repair a couple of things
none of which or so it seems
were very big or very wrong
for them to fix that should take so long
I received a call and we discussed
the leaky diesel tank that I just
had installed and he said
that I should take the truck instead
back to the place that did the install
and have them do the overhaul
and for them to undertake the task
to repair the leak that they unmask
as it is still in warranty
and they are the ones who I should see
I agreed and hung up the phone
sitting here all alone
trying to decide my next move
wondering how I can improve
the current situation at hand
and wondering just where we stand
as there was little else to see
but fix the leak and make a new key
and change out the wiper blades for new
other than that I haven’t a clue
as to why they have not given me a call
to pick up the truck and why they stall
as tired I am of my loaner car
they gave to me which is quite bizarre
as I am used to driving a truck
and with this little car I am stuck
I should not really complain
as the bill for the car is in their name
and the use of the car for me is free
but it does not make good company
as I really miss my truck
and very soon with any luck
I will have it back with me
to drive around most comfortably.

Written 02/26/2021

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