Books, lots and lots of books.

Yesterday, I loaded up the dogs and we took a trip back to the house as I had a Dentists appointment at 10:00 am. I left the dogs at the house while the Dentist went about his work. This is a comparatively new Dentist for me, making a total of three since living in Texas for these past 46 years. The first, Dr Weber retired, the second Dr Day also retired for medical reasons and now I am on my third, Dr Gray. a comparatively young guy who will definitely outlive me. He did two fillings and they were absolutely painless and very quick. It took longer for the Novocain to wear off than the actual surgery and that wasn’t very long.

I took a look around when I was at the house to see if there was anything that needed my attention and did not find anything urgent. I checked the bedroom where I have stacked all of the books which number around 200. The bed was the only place that would hold them all. That and the little table. Looking through them, they are almost a history of my interests through my lifetime starting in 1977 when I moved to Texas as many of them are reference books on things like, Birdkeeping, Parrots, Lovebirds and other exotics, Building Ponds, Koi and Goldfish, Coaching football, English style, Photography and how to take better pictures, Photoshop, Hiking and good hiking trails and the newer ones are all about Writing. There are not any on Understanding Women, or How to be a Better Husband and I probably could have used a couple on that particular subject. Books are almost a thing of the past and unfortunately and I am as guilty as the next person in using my computer for just about everything. For reading entertainment, I listen to Audiobooks.

I walked outside to the very sad looking yard with still a lot of brown in it. There are signs of life with new buds shooting up from some of the plants and shrubs and the two remaining ponds looked in good shape. I cleaned the filters and decided there was not much more I could do. I do need to return next week and clean and refill the 5000 gallon pond so that the turtles have a home after their pond gets drained. That should only take a couple of days to complete this work. The Landscapers have finished and have done a very good job especially with cleaning up the side patio which by being exposed, has got to add some value to the property at least as a selling point.

I picked up a couple of things that I needed including the smaller TV to replace the Furrier in the RV and loaded in some other stuff. Of course, I forgot the most important thing in my hurry, that being the remote for the new TV. I swear I need to write everything down nowadays and have a list for just about everything, my memory is so bad. I discovered this when I was unloading back at the Eagle so we jumped back in the truck and made another return trip of about 40 miles. It only takes 30 minutes each way but that does amount to 3 gallons of diesel at almost $3.00 a gallon. Oh well.

Steps from Patio to the deck.

I spent time on setting up the TV from the house and much to my delight, It fired right up and the Roku stick that I purchased works perfectly. I can now watch the football matches from the English Premier League on Peacock in all of their glory. At the same time, I found a link to the Champions League. Two for the price of one. You can’t beat that.

The next day, Michael made it back with the new pump and spent a couple of hours replacing the old one and putting everything back together. Between us, we took out the old Furrier TV which I told him he could keep as eventually, I will bring the 42 inch from the house to replace it. Hopefully, all of the winter woes as far as the Eagle goes are behind us and we can return to some form of normality. I also installed an indoor camera which worked even when I was in Austin so if ever I leave the dogs behind, I can check on them. Ain’t science wonderful?

Written 03/16/2021