The view as I walk around

When Sandy takes us walking every morning and evening, it gives us time take a look at which RV’s moved and the new ones that came in. Just lately, there seems to be quite a few of both kinds with it being a weekend. My neighbors on either side are more permanent, as I am and most of the RV’s in my row, 1 thru 6 fall into this category. Even the new section that has only just been completed is real busy and is almost full. These appear to be mostly of the larger kind of 35ft and up. Makes sense as the sites are very wide and easy to back into and very level.. Many are pull thru’s which most of us really like. Much less hassle and not as much of a test of an individuals driving skills.

There are quite a few kids around out early and playing with each other and riding their bikes. It is great to hear their cheerful, happy voices as they shout and fall out over whatever is bothering them at the time.. When we walk past some of the RV’s, we set the dogs that are inside off into a spasm of barking frustrated at the fact that another dog is encroaching on their territory and there is nothing they can do about it. If we pass other campers, it is usually with a smile and a pleasant word and always a “Good Morning” or “Hello”. When it comes to other dogs, Mikey is just fine always making sure that I am between him and the other dog. Sandy on the other hand, wants to tear the other dogs throat out and it is very embarrassing to hear her screech and bark at them. I am always full of apologies and sometimes, if their dog has reacted, the other people are too. This park as with most RV parks has very strict leash laws but doesn’t have a dog park area.

I have been doing some work around the RV. Not so much with the RV itself except for what Michael is doing on the water system but with installing some of the gadgets that I have bought these past few months and have not yet installed. The latest one is an indoor motion and sound driven camera that shows pictures of the inside of the living room on my phone. Pretty neat but it is so sensitive that it sends me a message at the slightest sound or movement. Probably will drive me nuts in the end as I can’t even take a deep breath or change position without it sending me a warning email. Incidentally, it shows me pictures on my phone from inside the RV when I am at my other house which is 25 miles away.

I have a couple of Doggo transmitters for the dogs which will let me know where they are in case they wander off. It could happen if something was to happen to me but the chances are slim unless I have a heart attack or something similar.. Still better to be prepared. Now all I got to do is figure out how to activate them. I probably have directions somewhere that I need to find. Ain’t technology great?

Not sure of it’s name, Smart Camera, Cloud Storage Camera?

I spent time trying to get the Roku sticks working on the TV but gave that up as a bad job and will wait until I bring in the TV’s from the house which are both HGTV and much newer. I probably have some other gadgets to install if I can find them. Getting organized is a big job and I just can’t wait to start going though and organizing my files many of which go back several years and contain a lot of obsolete and outdated material. Change that, I can wait…

Reading some other people’s blogs about their full time camping experiences gives me a lot of ideas. One of the things that seems to be true for most of them is not to worry too much about the RV getting untidy. Dirty, no as it takes no time to run a small vacuum or a simple brush and dustpan but that is different from untidy. With such a small space to worry about and limited storage, stuff is going to lay around. Depending on your point of view, it could even add character. By the way, installing this desk is the best thing I could have ever done and it was a stroke of genius on my part. Gotta give myself a pat on the back for that move. Incidentally, my house is untidy too and that was before I started getting ready to sell. The difference is that there is much more space to be untidy in and it it gets to be too much, one can always close the door to that untidy room. Can’t do that in my RV as basically except for the bathroom and bedroom, it is just one room.

It is almost 5:00 pm and it doesn’t look like Michael will make it back again today to install the new pump which is no big deal as the old one works sufficiently well to get by. I am on the freshwater supply tank and can refill that if I need to without creating any water leak problems. I do have a Dentists appointment for tomorrow at 10:00 am and am debating on going back to the house tonight. On the other hand, there is no real reason to do that as I could get up early and drive into town, dropping the dogs off on the way. Just got to remember to set the alarm tonight. I think I will bring back one of the house TV’s tomorrow and hook it up so that I can watch the soccer games on a big screen instead of my laptop. The end result will be the same as it is always a toss up if my teams win or lose…

Written 03/14/2012