Probably not a good choice for a title as there is always something to write about. I just have to figure out what is of interest to others who take the time to read this blog. One thing that has surprised me is the number of readers that followed my other blog, which was a considerable number and well over a couple of thousand, have not bothered to switch over and read this one. I can’t believe that they were all Pond Enthusiasts as many of the blogs were about other things like Hiking, Photography and plain old everyday life. There was also a lot of poetry which I like to write when the mood strikes me.

It could be that like me, I add a “follow” or a “like” to many blogs because they have followed or liked mine. I usually do take the time to read them before adding a “follow” or a “like” just in case I seriously have problems with what is written or I strongly disagree with their approach. Generally though, most blogs that I come into contact with are interesting enough to read hence the follow.

Because of the lack of response from others, I recently decided to take a look at the list of three thousand or so blogs that I had added likes and follows to over the past ten years. It occurred to me that many of the names on this long list had not been blogging in a long time so I had to assume that for different reasons, they were no longer Bloggers. Consequently, I have taken them off that list and have narrowed it down to around a hundred. If none of them show up in the future with a like or comment on my blog or a blog of their own, then they will join the others in that Bloggers Graveyard up in the sky or wherever missing bloggers go when they no longer respond.

Like many of you out there, I am trying to clean up my mailbox because it has so much junk mail. If it is not something I am interested in, then I delete it after unsubscribing from that list. I am not interested in getting rid of my wrinkles as I consider them to be a mark of character nor do I need any magic pills to help my sex life as that has long gone out of the window or come to that, find another mate or life insurance and on and on. It’s amazing that as soon as I delete the ads after unsubscribing from their lists, within a week, they are back and filling my mailbox with more junk. The only ones I think I can control are the bloggers. I either take myself off their lists or them off of mine. Problem solved.

I suppose that really, the bottom line is, who do I write for? Certainly not to make any money as no one wants to buy my drivel. Most of my blogs are my own thoughts and musings unless I am writing about actual events like fish rescues hiking, a winters storm or Good Neighbors to name a few. My poetry is often prompted by a single line that pops into my head and then I go from there. Much of it is about my thoughts and feelings on any given day on any given subject, sometimes caused by the loss of a much loved pet or event or something similar. No, I write because it satisfies the artist within me. When I was much younger, I used to draw a bit and was pretty good at it but somehow, over the years, it has faded from my talents to be replaced by words which I use in place of a pencil or crayon.

I like to write. It satisfies something within me whether it be good and interesting or plain old drivel, I still have to get it out. Like most humans, I thrive on praise even though it sometimes embarrasses me if it is offered in person and the “Likes” are praise indeed. On the other hand, the lack of a “Like” is not the end of the world as life still goes on and I certainly don’t want a “Like” out of sympathy. If I haven’t earned it, so be it and that’s how it should be.

So, if you like any of my stuff, give me a like and a follow. If you don’t, no big deal as I am still going to write anyway.

BTW, you can still read articles in my old blog at

Written 04/15/2021