I love the trails

Well, I did it. I got my second Covid shot and luckily for me, with absolutely no after effects whatsoever. Just like the first time, it was still quite the experience in actually getting the thing.

I returned back to the same place in Williamson County at the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium in Round Rock with an appointment time of 11:00 am and set out in plenty of time to make the trip. As it happened, the traffic was light and I made good time actually arriving 30 minutes early from my appointment time. Knowing this, I thought, “What the hell” and proceeded to join the cars that were winding through the lines of cones which incidentally, had not been changed from before and still wound around in an endless nondescript pattern sometimes doubling back on itself and eventually arriving at the proper destination. Just like before, there was a non stop flow of vehicles as people heeded the call to get vaccinated. I figured that the worst that could happen is that I would get pulled to one side to wait the 30 minutes for my assigned appointment time.

This didn’t happen and when I arrived to where we were checked in, all they were concerned about apart from answering the same questions as before, was my appointment form, drivers license and my Covid Vaccination Card. The actual vaccination process only took five minutes and then, just like last time, I had to wait for fifteen minutes before they let us go. Compared to the first trip, this one was a walk in the park and I was out of there and back on the road home in less than thirty minutes.

I had no after effects from the vaccination and I guess, in my mind I am secretly relieved that I have completed the process. At least now, when someone asks, I can truthfully tell them, “Yes, I have had my Covid shots”.

And I will still wear a mask in public…

Written 04/17/2021