Henly RV Park

When Sandy takes us walking in the mornings and evenings while we are at the park, I always take the time to check out some of the RV’s and talk to their owners if they happen to be outside. I like to find out where they are from and where they are eventually heading really out of curiosity rather than nosiness. I chatted to an elderly lady today that had just pulled in and they were on their way to Florida coming in from Minnesota. We were discussing books as she happened to be reading one when we came up to them. Not too many people read hard cover books anymore as it is mostly done electronically by Kindle or Audiobooks.

In our conversation I mentioned that I was selling my house and that is the reason I was here in the park. She responded by telling me that the reason to visit her Mother was to close down her Mother’s house in which she had lived for the past 45 years and put her in a Nursing Home. Very sad but I guess at 95, it is very difficult to live alone.

Bidding farewell and good luck, we moved on with our walk although today, I didn’t plan on letting Sandy take us too far as for some unaccountable reason, I had a very sore and stiff neck which is most unusual for me. I wondered if it was the after effects of the Covid shot but that was 4 days ago. Today was a very restricted one in terms of physical activity.

I had to buy a new phone as the battery would not hold a charge in my old one. It seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect, I could have just had the battery changed as the new phone I have is identical to the old one. I even used the old phone cover. I guess the thought of having a new toy is what decided me. One of the strange things with the transaction was that if I bought it outright, it would have cost $400.00 but if I bought it over time, it only costs $300.00. Seems most unusual as normally, extending the payments costs money not saves it. I spent most of today trying to get both the indoor camera and the link to my truck radio working as both are on the phone which was a very frustrating event. I finally accomplished what I had set out to do but only after several hours of effort. I guess the new phone has more bells and whistles but they probably won’t get used. It does have a better camera which I do use a lot. Stupid phone.

On our walks around, we always check out who is new and who has left. Some of the RV’s and Motorhomes are really nice and obviously very expensive. Many of the motorhomes are huge and I noticed today that some of them have ID plates designating them as Veterans. Quite a lot of the people I talk to are of the older generation although we do get our share of people with young kids like my next door neighbors. They have a 13 and 15 year old both girls and they are homeschooling their kids. Several, including them, are permanent residents and a couple have vans and trucks designating the business they are in. People are coming and going all of the time.

I guess that is what this RV lifestyle is all about after all. No reason to stay anywhere too long especially if the campground or your neighbors are not to your liking. Just hook up the tow vehicle and away you go on to the next one. I can’t wait. Not that I have bad neighbors or such but it would be nice to see the country.

Written 04/19/2021

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