Nature’s Beauty

Things are moving forward slowly but surely as they fall into place one piece at a time.

Most of the Pond Equipment has gone with the exception of a couple of skimmer units and a few pots is just about all that remains of the larger items. I personally am very pleased about this as I hate to see good equipment go to waste as there is always someone that can use it. The trick is being able to locate them.

One lady was very interested in the four large tubs and was talking about renting a truck to get them. So, we compromised and in order to move them on, I volunteered to load them into my truck and drive them to her house which was actually located way on the other side of town, a fifty mile round trip. It was worth it though just to see the tubs being put to good use and anyway, I got to visit a part of Austin that I hade never seen before. The jury is still out on that location…

The Estate guy is moving right along but the current weather is not working with us. He really needs several dry days in his preparations especially on the weekend of the sale. Currently, as I write this, it is just teeming down and the forecast is for rain all of this week. It will probably delay the sale by at least another week maybe two.

My Realtor stopped by in order to get a couple of the pots for her ponds and of course we chatted about the sale of the property. She is very optimistic that it will not be on the market for very long. She brought along a Pending Sale sign but apparently is not allowed to stick it in the ground until a couple of days prior to the house actually going on the market. Strange rules!

I have moved every thing out of the house and sheds that I need and am leaving whatever is left to either be sold, donated or trashed. I know that things are getting serious when David, the Estate Sales person starts talking of dumpsters.

The final move with everything gone will be to get my walking friends to come in and do a complete clean and to call the Tree Guy and get him to do a final trim and clean up as everything has grown completely wild following the winter freeze. The garden is completely overgrown. All of this will be money well spent. I do need to do some minor deck repairs but that will be towards the end.

All in all, things are moving forward albeit very slowly from my perspective.

Life at Henly is quiet and peaceful and we have settled into a routine. We all go for a walk as the very first thing of the day mainly for me to clear the sleep cobwebs and for the dogs to do their business. Sometimes we meet other campers doing the same thing and we are always checking out the arrivals and departures of the various RV’s. I especially look at the rigs with the eye to purchasing a class C which will be easier to drive and set up. More on that later.

After feeding the dogs and then myself, I usually spend the next couple of hours checking mail and responding to any comments from the blog before deciding on what needs to happen for the rest of the day. Some days are already pre-planned with different things that I need to do. Others we play by ear depending on what is the most important and of course, the weather. This weekend for instance, I need to get back to the house on Saturday and break down the filter unit and then load it into my truck ready for a trip to Bastrop on Sunday to drop it off at BJ’s. This, following a trip to Bastrop Animal Clinic for Sandy to get a Rabies and Rattlesnake shot. I thought the Rabies was included in the round of shots that she had a couple of weeks ago but apparently not. She needs that certificate in order to get groomed as she is a real mess right now with burrs and stickers all over her too long fur.

Then of course are the walks, as many as we can fit in between doing the other things that I deem to be important. Good exercise for all three of us although Mikey only goes along as he doesn’t want to miss out on anything. Otherwise, he would be quite happy to stay home and wait for our return. Sandy always leads the way and has the most wonderful doggy nose for scents. She would make a good tracker dog. For such a small dog, I think that two thirds of her body is made up of her bladder as she just pees and pees marking everything in sight. The rest is stomach so she can eat too much. Mikey, the male dog, doesn’t mark anywhere near as much as she does. I thought that walking the same routes continuously at the Park would be boring but actually it is really no different that walking back at the house as I covered the same ground over and over on those walks. At least in the Park, the scenery is constantly changing as people and their RV’s come and go. Plus, I get to admire some of the very expensive rigs that some of those campers have. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of rig.

Today, it is raining and we may need to change our plans regarding loading the filter. It just may have to wait until tomorrow. When I say rain, this is high velocity stuff as the wind too is also blowing hard rocking the RV with the occasional big and heavy gusts. Sometimes, I think hear water dripping and wonder if it on the inside or outside but checking has not found anything so far. This is the first continuously rainy day we have had and probably won’t be the last. First a winter like nothing we had ever seen before, now continuous cloudy and rainy days with low temperatures and so far, no sign of the usual summer and hot weather normally associated with Texas. I am not really complaining as it will be here soon enough making me consider moving to Alaska or the South Pole or maybe Colorado in the mountains as it is a bit closer.

As I look out of the window, there doesn’t appear to be any break in the weather neither do the weather maps show that it is going to change today. Time to get out the Insta-Pot and cook next weeks meals.

More to follow.

Written 05/22/2021

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