Why Sandy needs to go to the Groomers. Laying in the Pedernales River.

Today I am feeling the after effects of my trip to my Dermatologist and her dreaded freeze spray bottle which she wields with such unabashed and obvious enjoyment. The few random spots that she chose to attack yesterday are sore and complaining of having being treated so badly. This is the same after effects following every time I have visited my Doctor and you would think that I am used to it by now. But, being such a cry baby as I am, I just have to whine and complain. Seriously though, there are no real after effects to talk of except for a couple of sore spots which will quickly go away.

Today is a quiet day compared to the previous couple with nothing planned except a trip to HEB grocery store to replenish the larder. Again, this is another trip where the dogs have to stay behind as they can’t go inside the store and it is too hot to leave them in the truck while I am gone. I had one dog, a Pit Bull Mix, several years ago that suffered from anxiety when left alone and on the one occasion I did leave him in the car, he ate the bloody steering wheel. Luckily, he didn’t blow the air bag or it might have killed him but it did cost me $500.00 for a new steering wheel setup.

I really don’t have anything pressing today. I suppose that I could get out the Instapot and make a stew that will hold us over for the next few days or maybe, just maybe, I can tackle the mess caused by the remaining boxes and stuff laying around from the house. Truth be told, I don’t know what to do with some of it or rather where to store it. The few drawers that I have including those of the desk and the two small filing cabinets are already full up with more of the same stuff all hurriedly thrown in at random with no thought to sorting or order. In fact everything is a mish mash requiring searching in every place to locate something that I know I have… somewhere. I am not the most organized of people in the best of times and this just gives me the excuse to continue with this trend.

As it happened, I did get out the Instapot and have thrown together the ingredients for a beef stew. In 6 hours, it should be ready to eat and in the meantime, I can forget about it and do something else. I am trying to plan our next moves regarding the house as I still need to make a few deck repairs. Just a few hours work and I am looking to coordinate it with Sandy being in the groomers as she is due, well I should say overdue for a bath and haircut which will take several hours. While she is there, Mikey and I will go shopping in the Home Depot for some lumber for the deck repair. At least this is one store where he can walk around with me. Depending on the timing, we will either pick up Sandy before we go back to the house and unload the lumber and maybe even start work on the deck or do it in reverse and pick her up at the end of the day. Hard to plan that far ahead.

On our walk this morning, We met a lady sitting outside and reading a book and we stopped to chat. She and her husband are from Houston and plan on staying a couple of months while they search for a piece of property to build a house and relocate. Interesting, some of the stories some of these people have and the fact that they are quite willing to share makes it all the more entertaining. I mentioned that I too was in the process of selling and she asked where the house was located. When I told her Austin, she very quickly pointed out that is not where she wanted to live. Me neither. We continued on our walk which was otherwise uninterrupted. Right now, the RV Park is pretty empty compared to a week ago but it is the middle of the week when a lot of RV’ers are on the road.

I spent the afternoon watching the Europa League Final between Manchester United (my team) and Villareal. I hadn’t planned on watching it in then but I could not find a way to record it so that I could watch it later that evening. It was not the best of games with neither team really dominating play and when it finally ended after 90 minutes plus 30 minutes of overtime, the score was 1-1 resulting in having to go to penalty kicks to get a winner. These actually were the highlight of the entire 120 minutes that the teams played with each player scoring on his kick. For the uninformed, a penalty kick comprises of the goal and the ball placed on a spot 12 yards away. The only two participants are the Goalkeeper who incidentally, cannot move towards the ball until it is kicked by the opposing player who can use no trickery in the run and has to keep moving forward to kick the ball. Some of these run ups are very questionable as they involve slow downs, skips, staggers and almost stops. The poor goalkeeper, meantime, can only shuffle sideways and hope to guess right. Every player that remained on the field at the end of the game participates by taking an alternating turn including the goalkeeper until one team scores one more goal than the other team either caused by the goalkeeper making a save or the player missing the goal. There are other subtleties to the law but I won’t bother to go into them. Bottom line in yesterdays game is that all ten of the field players took their turn and each one scored. It then came down to each goalkeeper taking a turn facing the other ‘keeper resulting in the very last kick by the Man U keeper being saved by the Villareal one. So, my team lost…again. Watching sports can be very frustrating. But then again, so can life.

Written 05/27/2021

Written 05/25/2021

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