Trails at McKinney Roughs

The storm has come and gone and today the sun is shining. It is hard to believe that just a few hours ago it was thunder and lightening, gale force winds and absolutely teeming down with rain. I wonder why we always say and write “Thunder and Lightning” when in fact it should be the other way around, “Lightning and Thunder”. I guess it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The dogs and I walked around the campgrounds on our usual morning walk and to be truthful, there were not many visible signs of what had been a pretty bad storm. Just the occasional wash out here and there but nothing significant. I need to take a trip back to the house to see how it and the ponds faired. I texted my neighbor but she never mentioned anything that I should be worrying about but I better check just to make sure. Can’t wait for that to be someone else’s responsibility. The only thing that I have left to do are some minor deck repairs which I plan on doing next week.

As we walked around this morning, there are a couple of different RV’s that have just pulled in. One has this very tall flagpole attached with the US flag on top and would you believe, a 2020 Trump flag underneath of it. That is the first that I have seen displayed at this campground. I guess you have to admire the owners tenacity and political beliefs even if they are not the same as mine and by the year on the flag, a little outdated. Heck, he may even be a nice guy for all I know, just a little misguided. He does have a nice RV though.

My life sure is different at least while we are here in Henly. Being parked at one place is different than actually travelling apart from the obvious reasons. Here it is very much like being at the house except that there are no ponds or yard to take care of, I have very little to do in the way of maintenance chores and what there are, doesn’t take much time and are not every day whereas at the house, there was always something needing my attention. Consequently, I have a lot more time to spend writing and such. Now if I could turn that time into something productive and maybe make some money, that would be a definite bonus. Not that I need the money but to get paid for the efforts would be great. Then again, I think that my current laziness is because of all of those years of having to be active whether I wanted to or not. Thank goodness that Sandy takes us walking or we would be a mess.

Moving on, I did take a drive back to the house primarily because I received a text from a pond enthusiast wanting to purchase some of remaining equipment. Again, the money is nice but I am more concerned with finding a new home for what little equipment that remains. Hate to see very useable and comparatively speaking, very cheap items go to waste. All that remains is one small skimmer and a few pots.

I walked around the yard and saw that Nature has really taken over and things are just growing wild. In places, it was hard to push through as it now covers the paths and walkways. The ponds look OK but the number of goldfish does look smaller probably due to the big brown snake that has taken up residence although I never saw him yesterday. This one is a whopper, probably all of five and half feet long and a really big body and unless the other resident snake grew a lot, then this must be a different one. Seems like Nature is really taking over.

I stopped across the street to visit my long time neighbors and they tell me that they are planning on staying in Colorado for the summer and have a house sitter for that time. They have lived in their house as long as I have in mine as we purchased them a couple of weeks apart. I looked on from afar as their three daughters all grew up and started lives of their own. Good Neighbors and good people. I will miss them.

It doesn’t look like the Estate Sale has progressed very much but a lot of that is due to the inclement weather we have been having as much of the sale will be held outside. I need to do some deck repairs which I will attempt this coming week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. Shouldn’t take too long as I only need to replace a few boards.

Life is flying by so fast especially as I grow older and I am running out of time. Yet, the house sale is sooo slow. Go figure.

Written 05/30/2021

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