A view of the water

For those of you that follow my blog, you may have noticed that we are now posting five days a week. I wrote a blog and in it, I discussed whether I could actually write enough to post a full week long and I decided that I just didn’t have the time or the material for more than a three a week posting. Then it occurred to me that I have a whole library of material with 1170 blogs posted over these past eleven years with 65 of them poems that I have written. Not necessarily good poetry but things that rhyme sort of, none the less.

So, I spent some time seeing just what it takes to transfer blogs from one site to another without losing content or pictures and settled on the good old fashioned copy method. There may be better ways but I couldn’t find any that worked for me. Essentially, I am re-writing each blog using this method which works pretty well. It took a while to get a decent system but after much trial and error, with a whole lot of error I might add, I finally have figured out how to do it. The first of these starts tomorrow. Any and all comments are appreciated plus a like or two doesn’t hurt. This way at least I know somebody is taking the time to read my stuff.

On another note, yesterday was a funny old day, Yes, another one of them. First, it came on to rain and I mean rain. It just poured down and with the ground already saturated, water was running off in every direction. It rained the entire time we were out with the one exception that it eased up enough after we got back long enough to get in a short walk. I had things planned so that I would drop Mikey off at the Vets which was on our way to PetSmart where Sandy had a groomers appointment. I got to both places a little early but that was not a problem. I checked Mikey in and watched him get dragged sitting upright on his backside very reluctantly across the floor into the vets office as I walked out the door to get Sandy to her appointment. After signing her in, I went over to Best Buy to try to locate a particular SanDisk that I needed and while in there received a call from PetSmart telling me that they couldn’t groom Sandy because she had a raw puncture wound and to come and pick her up. They showed me the wound which I had no accounting for and as we were heading for the Vets to pick up Mikey, I asked my vet to take a quick look. He didn’t think it was serious and prescribed some anti biotics for her. Mikey was his usual chirpy happy self when they brought him out and very pleased to see us, well pleased to see me. Not sure about him seeing Sandy.

I had placed a hold mail at the Post Office and stopped by to see if there was anything other than junk that I should worry about. There was lots of that as usual and nothing else of note. I need to come up with another solution as I only have until the 25th for them to hold my mail. Maybe temporarily, a PO box. in Dripping Springs and then when we hit the road full time, one of the mail forwarding systems. From there, we headed back to the house for a quick check and to follow up on a water leak that David, the Estate Sales person had discovered. Sure enough, the carpet was pretty soaked in one corner of the spare bedroom requiring that I now have to call a plumber to locate and repair the leak. Always something. Be glad to be rid of that place as I am no longer interested in being a homeowner. Preparation for the Estate Sale are moving ahead and it is set for next weekend, June 11-12. I also managed to sell the final piece of large pond equipment, a small skimmer and I set it up for that individual to stop by and pick it up. Very pleased that we finally was able to move all of the equipment to new homes. Hate to see perfectly good pond equipment get thrown away.

With nothing else going on at the house, we headed back to Henly and the Eagle making our usual stop at Starbucks along the way to spend a quiet evening watching old movies. Well I thought it was going to be quiet except Mikey started upchucking and as he was sitting on my lap at the time, it was a bit of a shock. Needless to say, a change of clothes and now an unplanned visit to the laundry tomorrow. Guess he was having a reaction to one of his injections as he is ok now. Always something…

Written 06/04/2021

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I have decided to reprint the poetry that I have written these past 11 years that was posted in the blog listed above. So, starting tomorrow, every Tuesday and Thursday there will be a posting of my poetry from long ago added to this blog. Much of it reflects my changing life and my different interests over the years. With over 65 poems, it should be good for a while before I run out of ideas. Enjoy…