The kitchen area in the Eagle Two. That is my salesman, Michael in the picture.

Life in Eagle Two is a little different than in the Eagle. For starters, there is not quite so much room and even a few square feet less makes a lot of difference. I have toyed with the idea of taking out the sofa bed and installing a desk as I did in the Eagle but so far just thoughts. What I have done is to install the computer on to the U shaped table and that will be it’s permanent home. The only bit of additional furniture that I have added is the smaller of the two file cabinets that I had put into the Eagle and that is mainly to have storage for files and such although if and when I need the printer, it will get set up on it. My eating arrangements are a bit crude but they work for me. I have a small collapsible table that I use moving it to whatever piece of furniture that I choose to sit on at the time. So far, I have not attempted to cook anything fancy, for me that is. Don’t get me wrong, I like to eat along with the best of them but it is a little different if someone else prepares the meals.

My biggest problem to date is remembering just where I (and BJ), put everything. Most of the food is in the refrigerator with the exception of boxes of dry goods and such and they are stored in the cabinet right next to the fridge. I pretty much have the clothes all sorted out in drawers and closets and I finally located the pots and pans that BJ had hidden on me. Everything else is still a bit of a mystery and I find myself constantly searching in the remaining closets and drawers for items like bottle openers and mundane things like hearing aid batteries. I did locate some important stuff in my searches but it failed to register sufficiently for me to find it again. BJ told me that I was not a very organized person and now I tend to believe her as I can’t find anything. That coupled with a failing memory does not help because after I locate what I am looking for, I promptly forget where that was exactly. The old saying of retracing ones steps doesn’t help that much in this case as there are not enough steps to even count.

One thing is a plus and that is the making of the Queen sized bed. In the Eagle, I could pull the mattress down a bit and it did help to get to the top of the bed when making it as neither the Eagle or Eagle Two are designed to get completely around them. The problem was that after carefully placing both corners of the fitted sheet, pushing the mattress back in place and trying to hook the bottom corners, one or the other of the top corners would come off. It was all very frustrating. In Eagle Two, the mattress actually folds in half allowing me to pull it down even further, stand the half up and tuck on the bottom fitted sheet at the top end and then at the bottom end and then lay the mattress flat and it is perfect. Well maybe not perfect but a lot better than before. Space is also an issue in the bedroom too as far as getting around the bed. Incidentally, whether it is because of the current life style or because things are finally moving along regarding the house or even the fact that the dogs will not let me be lazy, I am sleeping like a baby.

Counter top space is a real problem and I am getting real innovative when it comes to utilizing what little is available. The coffee maker takes up some of it and is a permanent fixture except when we travel and then it will go in the sink. I have a large cutting board that actually covers the stove when it is not being used and it is useful for food preparation and such but of course cannot be used if I happen to be using the stove burners. My problem is finding a drying space after I wash things up and currently, they are taking up what little remains of the counter top. I am looking for an over the sink unit that will fit and release the counter top space but so far, everything I have looked at is about an inch too big to fit. I was talking to BJ about it and she just laughed it off saying that I only use one plate and one cup so what is the big deal? She is partly right but I do use more than that. There is a folding wing that extends the top but it cuts down on the walkway between the living room and the bedroom when it is extended. If I was a big man or on the plump side, it would be a problem as the bathroom is also in the bedroom area. Part of the price to pay for having a smaller RV.

I have managed to store and find a home for everything that was under the blue tarps and that came from the Eagle and from the house. Trying to locate anything is a different story but I have a lot of time to get things organized. I do have one large box of soccer mementoes from my playing and coaching days that I really do not know what to do with. The contents are of no use to anyone else and a lot of them are awards and such, many in large picture frames. They no longer have any sentimental value to me and I think my only recourse is to remove the frames contents and give the pictures frames to some charitable organization. Funny how life keeps moving on and what was important all of those years ago is just a memory and no longer important. The honor was not in receiving the awards but in the effort made at the time to earn them.

Life just keeps on moving on…

Written 07/09/2021

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