The garden at the house.

On the house front, things are moving right along at a fast clip compared with the time it took to get the Koi and Goldfish rehomed and the Estate Sale underway. I would not say that the sale was a huge success depending on how you want to look at it. From the perspective of cleaning the house and sheds of everything, then it was. From any financial gain, then I broke even, quite literally.

The Estate Sale contractor lived up to his word and did a wonderful job of clearing the house of everything of value and by the time he was finished, it was completely empty. A lot of stuff ended up in the very large dumpster. A few items remained in the sheds but they were things like old paint cans and the like. All in all, I was very pleased with how empty he left everything which is what I was really looking for. From the financial perspective, I’m glad that most of my financial gain will come from the sale of the house as I realized the vast sum of $385.00 from the house contents sale.

With the contents of the house gone, I was able get the cleaning crew to come in and do their thing. As it happened, I mentioned it to my next door campground neighbor here at the campgrounds who said that his wife does that sort of thing and they would be more than happy to take on the job. So I made arrangements for them to meet at the house and look things over and work up an estimate which when they gave it to me, I considered to be way too low and promptly doubled it. They took a couple of days to get the work done but the end result was a clean house and windows that sparkled. At the same time they were working, I had contacted the yard contractor who had cleaned up after the frost and who I now needed to repeat the process this time trimming everything that had grown completely wild after the warm and wet Spring. Again, I was not disappointed and he and his crew of two guys and two ladies did a wonderful job allowing the garden to be displayed to it’s best advantage. He only took a couple of days to do the work.

I met with my Realtor, Barb Lenhardt of JP and Associates, and we went over the paper work with me signing my life away one more time so that she could actually put the house on the market. She went out and hammered in a couple of For Sale signs and it was then that I realized that I was actually going to sell the house. I thought about it for a bit and the memories of the past 35 years all came flooding back but like so many things in my life, I put it back into the memory slot reserved for things that have happened from long ago to the present day and are now a part of my past life. Childhood, growing up in England, World War11, marriages and divorces, kids, emigrating, Hazy Hills, soccer, ponds and now the house are all nothing but memories. Some sad but the majority of the good kind as I have passed through this life. Now, we are moving forward into probably what will be the last phase of my life living and touring in Eagle Two with my two little dogs for company.

Written 07/09/2021

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