This is how we normally see Mr. Kim and his dog, Panda.

Our Park Superintendent, Kim Hatch, stopped by my RV to deliver an invitation to his birthday party which he planned on holding by the Wash Room located here in the campsite. Kim is a 77 year young gentleman from Minnesota who has been here for a while and as the Park Super, takes care of clean up chores, grass mowing and such. He drives around in his 4 wheeler checking on things and talking to as many residents as he can. For those of us that are long termers, he always stops to chat along with his dog Panda, a Red Heeler mix with a wonderful personality. Even Sandy, my yappy little Maltese mix gets along with him.

A lot of the Campers showed up to wish Kim a Happy Birthday, eat pizza and birthday cake and drink beer. I got to meet a lot of different campers as people moved from group to group introducing themselves and chatting it up and coming and going.

Campers are an interesting group to talk to. Most are very friendly and don’t mind talking about their travels, where they came from and where they are heading. Many have relatives all over the country and spend a lot of time visiting them. Others just like to tour around and visit new places. It is surprising the number of women that are camping alone. I talked to a couple of different campers who are planning on building a house and another couple that have just bought one and are planning on a permanent life but will RV on weekends.

When Sandy takes Mikey and me walking, we always try to stop and chat with any campers that are around and most are more than happy to spend time with us. It is as though we have this mutual bond albeit for different reasons for living the RV life.

Written 07/13/2021

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