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I sat in front of the computer with the urge to write something, anything to satisfy my creative juices. After typing in the heading, I stared at the blank screen wondering just what I am going to write about. So, I am starting out with news of the home front where the sale of the house is moving forward with the usual snags and hold ups that occur along the way. Well, I guess they are usual as I haven’t sold a house in 36 years and from what I can remember of the last sale, it too had it’s ups and downs until I signed on the dotted line. I think we may have finally agreed on the terms and now all that remains is for the final paper work and approvals to go through. What I do remember from 36 years ago was that very little signing was done until the actual day when my wife of that time and I met with the new buyers in a Realters Office and signed a whole bunch of papers Or maybe it was a Lawyers office. Anyway, the point is that I never signed very much prior to that. In this day and age of electronic signatures, I have already signed at least three separate sets of documents using a system called “Docusign” which makes things extremely easy and simple for even an old idiot like me to understand. From what my Realtor tells me, I think the final document signing will require both parties be in attendance to place their signatures and for me to hand over the keys and the garage door opener.

With the house sale imminent, my thoughts nave turned to the future. The Henly Park Office has already contacted me wanting to know what my plans are for the site and I told Malinda, the Office Manager that I would be staying here through the end of August which should be sufficient time to have everything cleared up. After that, what then? I am trying to plan the future and it is getting a bit late in the year to head to New York State as winter can come early up there. I know as I lived there for ten years and the winter season is one reason I moved to Texas, that and having a good job offer. I had my own small construction company and remember I was working on a project that involved the use of masonry cement and the cement was freezing quite literally as I laid the bricks, That was mid September and at that point, my outdoor construction season came to a close if it involved concrete or cement. I took a job with another contractor framing a house and we constructed a frame and covered it with plastic and put big heaters in it to keep it above freezing. The problem was the lumber was stacked outside in the snow and cold and the frost was into the wood. When we drove in nails, the wood split all over the place. Not a house that i would buy.

Other than the New York State trip to see my family, I have absolutely no clue on where I want to go. I have started to look at the map trying to plan a trip that will take me in a big loop which may include New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado before wintering out back here in Texas, somewhere. Even though I am very flexible, I still need to have a plan especially for the winter months before all of the Snow Birds from up North head our way. I would like to stay a week or so at each Campground as I don’t want to be driving everyday and when I do, I only want to cover between 200 and 300 miles a day so that I can enjoy each stay and see the sights. Luckily, there are several good computer programs out there to help with this and I will spend the next few days in getting started. I have more than a month to do the planning.

Written 07/19/2021

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