With the house already sold and the only thing that I have left to do is paint a few boards on the deck which should only take an hour at the most, I have been turning my attention to the future and making plans. The actual closing won’t be until the middle of August, so I decided that I would complete that month out here at Henly RV Park. This is a very nice park, well taken care of with owners whose only concern is that of the welfare of their tenants. As I outlined in a previous blog, they have just completed the blacktopping of the roads in the older section to help with the water run off problem. They even blacktopped the open sites in this section although I am not sure that is a good thing especially with the Texas heat. I think I prefer the gravel like my site as it absorbs rather than reflect the heat.

We are pretty much on a regular day to day routine. Getting up between 8:00 and 9:00, taking the dogs for their first walk of the day, coming back and feeding them first and then me and then, unless I have an appointment or something special going on, sitting in front of the computer and reading messages and the daily news before going about the rest of the day with whatever is planned.

Today was laundry day. The laundry room here at the park is spotless and the machines are not very old and I am located no more than a hundred yards away. Even so, I choose to take the car which makes it easier to carry the laundry bag and bottles of detergent. Besides, I am getting lazy in my old age. We are limited to using two machines at a time on the honor system which so far has worked well at least for me. Today was the day when I needed to wash the bed linens and blanket as well as the usual weekly clothes wash and I needed three machines and had to make two trips because of it. Actually, that was six trips total, one to put them in the washing machine, one to put them in the dryer and one to take them out and fold them times two. I washed the sheets and blanket last. I think that I may have talked about the bed before. The one in the Eagle Two is a short queen with plenty of room for me and the dogs. As with most RV’s, unless you have a very large Class A motor home or 5th Wheel with a full sized bedroom, it is almost impossible to get to the top of the bed without actually getting on it. So many are built into slide outs that the top end is usually boxed in making it impossible to reach. I looked at a very nice used motorhome before I bought this one and in that case, the bed was completely surrounded except for one end. I was really tempted as the rest of the RV was very nice but I turned it down knowing the problems involved in not only making the bed but also getting in and out on a regular basis. The mattress on the Eagle Two actually is split in two making it easier to fold one half on to the other, hook the bottom sheet over the corners and then carefully lower the mattress to the flat position and hope that the corners hold and nothing pops off. If it does, you have to start the whole procedure over again. Consequently, the bedding only gets changed every two weeks and generally, after the initial making, the covers only get pulled up, sort of, and straightened out after getting into the laying position. You get used to it but I still bitch and bellyache about it all of the time. Now if I had a wife, it would be her job and she could make the damned thing. Wait a minute, that sounds sexist but on the other hand, my job is to take care of the Black and Grey tank so that makes us even. As it is, no wife so I have to do both jobs and prefer it that way. No one could put up with me anyway. Ask my three ex-wives and they will all tell you. Thank goodness for my two little dogs who are all forgiving or I wouldn’t have any companions at all.

I have been looking at the map and working out something of a plan on where to spend the next three months coming back here for December and January just to be on the safe side. I will start my trip September 1 and have booked a spot for a couple of weeks down on the Gulf for a change of scenery and am working on where to go from there with a rough outline of a trip around Texas and the surrounding States. Unless something comes up, I plan on a two week (or more) stay at each each resort. I want to go to New York State to see family but it is too late in the year for the trip. So next year for that one.

As I write this, Mikey is asleep under my feet and Sandy has commandeered the couch. As long as I am quiet and make no effort to get up, they will stay quiet too but the minute I make any sort of a move, Sandy will demand that we go walkies regardless of how hot it is out there. Mikey goes along but only because he might miss out on something. When we return, it will be time to feed both them and me before settling down with a glass of cheap wine to watch television.

And so goes another day in my new life. No house to worry about, no ponds to maintain, no fish to feed, no grass to mow, no nagging wife and money in the bank. What a life….

Written 07/26/2021

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