Some of the stalls at the Farmers Market

What shall I do today I ask myself along the way as I sit inside of my RV with nothing to do essentially just picking and choosing what to do with my life as I have but little very strife and very little planned that I have to do with just maybe a thing or two like grocery shopping is on my list a with a few things that I wish to feed me and of course the dogs who are my best friends and without them I would be lost as together we keep each other company living together in our RV.

Today is Farmer’s Market Day here in Dripping Springs when people come from miles around for the goodies and the things that the Local Farmers bring to sell showing off their wares as the people are rubbing elbows with their peers. This is a fun place to shop with deals galore as you hop from one booth to the next to see what is in store and if it will please me enough to buy to take home with me giving me a reason to add to my pantry.

I made the trip to the Market Place with things to see and just in case I could not my mind make up I moved to the next booth and there to shop for fresh pies and turnovers smelling so good and buying a few just like I should to help these Farmers pursuing their trade with home grown goodies that they have just made to sell to people just like me so that I can enjoy their luxury.

I walked around all of the stalls seeing things not seen before things that I would never buy but not because I would not try the things that they presented to me but because I had no use for the items they produced. I stopped by and checked out the wine and one bottle to me looked very fine and so without any hesitancy I gave over the money and for all to see put the bottle of wine into my bag to consume later when I am alone except for the dogs whose tastes are unknown.

The Farmer’s Market is a lot of fun with hundreds of people who one by one walk around and check the wares and talk to the sellers about there goods and give over the money just as they should. I have to say that although it was fun it was hotter than hell out in the sun as the Texas sun in summer is brutal shining down upon the people most of whom have covered their heads and some even have umbrellas instead to ward of the sun and the heat of the day as they go about their day.

Next week I can do it again as all of the goodies will be gone and a new supply I will need as we go through the week.

Here’s to Farmers Markets everywhere.

Written 07/27/2021

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