Goodbye House.

As the title suggests, these last few days have been very hectic with such a lot going on. About a week ago, BJ met me at the house to help me move the fish around to the other ponds and at the same time, she rescued a few to replace some of her own that had recently died. We lowered the water to as low as the pump that I had would take it due to the lack of outlet hose which was about 9 inches left in the pond. I caught as many of the fish that I could and BJ moved them to the other ponds keeping the ones that she liked for herself. It was hot down in the pond and I had on a pair of waders and the sweat poured off me. We got to the point that I couldn’t catch anymore fish because they were in hiding and decided to call it a day. BJ took her fish home and I went back to Henly totally soaked with the sweat I had lost. On the way home, I even changed my usual Latte for some iced concoction which although tasting very good, didn’t last too long I was that thirsty.

The next day I went back and put in about 18 inches of water before deciding that there was not much more that I can do and I have no idea where that pond managed to lose 30,000 gallons of water. You would think losing that amount it would be obvious but I never did discover where it leaked.. What is so frustrating is that as I kept adding water this last time, the level stayed constant with no loss to indicate where the leak may be. As it turns out, that is probably the very last time that I will be concerned with the leaks or the ponds and fish unless the new owner asks for my help although I know that there is still one more large water bill that I will need to pay.

A day later, my Realtor called me to say we had a date and time to finalize the sale of the house which was for the very next day. I spent the morning calling the Utility and Electric Companies to cancel their services to the house for the next day and also called my Insurance company to tell them the same thing. Hard to believe that I will not be getting Utility bills in the future at least not directly. We do pay for electricity and water separately at this park.

I got so engrossed in my work that I almost forgot the time and left it late to get to the signing. To make it worse, the traffic was the worst I have ever seen it which added to my tardiness and I eventually arrived at the signing 30 minutes late and in a bad mood to boot. They had gone ahead without me and the buyer had already done her part before I and my agent sat down with the Broker. I wished that I had been able to meet the buyer if only to say hello and to offer any help she may need with the ponds but I guess it was not to be. Maybe fate’s way of letting me know that I need to let go. Thirty minutes and many questions and even more signatures later, we were all through and I was no longer the owner of 10104 Murmuring Creek after 36 years. This was probably the first signing that did not cost me money. In truth, I do not feel sad having already decided that it was the best thing to do and anyway, I have a new adventure which will take me to far off places.

Financially, I did very well and have already paid off all of my debts including the Eagle Two and the Jeep with enough left to see me for the rest of my days. I have lots of memories both good and bad. I feel sad that I have left behind so many pets buried in the yard but I have their memories to live with. The house was good to me as were the ponds and the fish but they too have joined the endless procession that has made up my life. Now, we are in what will probably be the last phase and are looking forward to a whole new set of adventures. I will remain here at the Henly RV park until the end of this month August, travel for September, October and November and come back here to the same park to winter out before heading up North next year.

And so, life goes on at least for a while longer…

Written 08/14/2021

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