Written 08/16/2021

The view at the park

I am slowly coming to realize that I no longer am a landowner with a house or have ponds and fish to maintain. Now, when I get up and after the dogs have taken me for an early (for me) morning walk, unless I have business in town I really don’t have anything urgent that I need to pay attention to. Sure, I still have the occasional appointment which I plan for in advance but other than that, my time is very much my own.

I am trying hard not to waste it as life is precious and the days are getting shorter and shorter as I grow older. I spend a lot of time working on this blog and my most recent project is to copy all of the poems that I have written starting from early 2012 currently posted in my other blog listed below. Altogether, there are almost 300 of them and I am reposting them at two a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the other three days reserved for my current writing some of which also includes poetry. A lot of the that writing has been taken up with my stay here at Henly which as I wrote in an earlier blog, is coming to an end around this time as we approach the end of the month. With nothing now to hold me back, we are going to tour around for a bit while I am still able. I have a rough trip mapped out which is subject to change for any number of reasons including the availability of whichever campground I am looking at. That’s the beauty of an RV. If you don’t like a place or campground, you can just move on to the next one on your list.

As I transposed the poems from one blog to the next, I had the opportunity to read everyone of them and was amazed at the quality of the writing as compared to today. Maybe because it was a fresh and new thing or because my brain was ten years younger, it seems there is much more quality to what I wrote back then. It is fun reading this stuff as it also gives me the chance to re-live some of those moments or mourn the passing of one of my many pets or renew acquaintances with long lost friends. Poetry is a magical way of writing although it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

As we walked this afternoon, I got to thinking about the weather here in my part of Texas and how this summer compares to many of the previous ones. I have lived in this State since 1977 and I truly believe that this has got to be the coolest summer in all of that time. There have been others where it was hot and barely reached 100 degrees on several days but so far, we have not even come close. A few years ago, Wichita Falls set a record of 100 straight 100 degree days just to give you an idea of just how hot it can be. I am not complaining about it just stating my observations. Is it just an anomaly or a one off or is global warming really making itself felt? In any case, I’ll take it this way as it is so much cooler, comparatively speaking.

Football season has started, that’s Soccer to the uninitiated. I have always wondered why the American form of the sport is called football as very little, if any, apart from the kickers, use their feet. Most of the time, they are too busy beating up on their opponents. With the English Premier League up and running, this time, the fans are back to watch their teams and being as raucous and as loud as they possibly can be making up for missing out on a year or so of supporting their favorites. From what I can see, not too many are wearing masks and it will be interesting what might happen in a couple of weeks. Maybe there are restrictions like having to produce proof of having a shot or something similar. I have a great grandson that plays for Brighton and Hove Albion of whom I am very proud. He is reliving my dream as although I was a very good player, I was never good enough to play at the professional level let alone in the Premier League. Go Solly. At least, I can cheer him on from my side of the pond thanks to the miracles of modern science.

Well, it’s time for the final walk of the day, at least that is what Sandy is telling me. Mikey. not so much but he will go along just in case he misses out on something. More later.

Written 08/16/2021

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