Storm clouds on the horizon.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just should never have got out of bed? I had one of those days yesterday much to my dismay.

It all started on our early morning walk which usually takes us around the park as we check out who has arrived and who has moved on. True to form, Sandy, very impatiently I might add, was doing her usually jumping up and down at the door the minute that I got out of bed not wanting to wait for me to shower and dress for the day. I ignored her and went about my usual routine before strapping on her harness and then Mikey’s to take them out for their first walk. As we hurried past the RV’s in the park with Sandy pulling and straining to get nowhere fast with the occasional stop to smell the roses, we came to the last RV in the row parked next to the exit to the road when all of a sudden, two very large dogs came running at us, neither of which was on a leash. I started to holler at them and the owners came dashing out but not before one of them had grabbed Sandy by her harness and was violently shaking her. Luckily, she slipped out of the harness which the dog had grabbed and eventually made her way back to me, unhurt and hardly fazed by the ordeal. The owners had by now, grabbed the dogs and had put them back inside and were full of apologies for what had happened. We chatted for a bit and went on our way.

As it happens, another Park tenant had witnessed the whole thing and reported it to the Management who in turn, wanted my side of the story before talking to the other dog owners about keeping their animals under control. It all ended OK but could have been worse. The thing is, I felt helpless apart from shouting at the other dogs the minute Sandy slipped her harness and was out of my reach and even though she gave a good account of herself, it could have ended up very badly for her. BTW, she is not too smart as she is more than ready to get into a fight regardless of the breed or size of the other dog.

Such are the hazards of owning small dogs. Oh yes, while all of this was going on, after initially barking at the two other dogs, Mikey was cowering behind me wanting nothing to do with the fracas.

Then I got a call from ATT who are my service providers wanting to talk about my service both current and at the old house. I must have been on the phone at least a half hour going backwards and forwards with a Rep that would only offer me two solutions, keep the service to the house which I no longer owned or cancel the service. I tried to explain that I no longer lived their or even owned it and travelled around and he eventually handed me off to his Supervisor. I explained to her that I had a little remote server that I was paying $50.00 a month for that gave me service to the RV and we eventually managed to work everything out. What a frustrating experience that turned out to be.

As a postscript to this event, I received an almost identical call from ATT the following day asking almost the very same questions as the previous Rep which I tried to explain to the most recent caller. She ignored me and proceeded to bombard me with a lot of questions with the bottom line being that the service to the house was cancelled but that i could still keep ATT through my personal ATT router. Which, incidentally is how yesterdays conversation ended. Wonder if I will get another call tomorrow?

I went into town later that day because I needed a few things and because I had an idea to improve the drawer space in Eagle Two. I thought that maybe if I went to enough stores, I could find a three drawer cabinet that would fit under the table. I went to 4 different places, Office Depot, Home Depot and the like and even a couple of used furniture stores but with no luck. So, I need to add that to my list of things to search for. While I was in Home Depot, I did purchase a Ryobi Hand Vacuum to clean the RV and also a small trash bin with a foot operated lid. I have been using a special gadget that holds plastic bags and hangs on the top of one of the cupboard doors but as it is always open at the top, emits odors from whatever I have thrown away. Besides, where it was located hanging from the under sink door, it got in the way. I think I might have accidentally dropped a knife in it as I can’t find the knife anywhere and I have searched all over. If I did, the knife is long gone in the city dump. So, now I have a new small trash bin to take up space in a very limited area anyway. The bag sizes are also smaller meaning more trips to the trash dumpsters but at least they are lighter and we can take them with us on one of our walks.

I also went grocery shopping in the HEB in Dripping Springs for a few items and managed to cover almost 4 miles of walking for the day. Those big box stores can do that for you. Great exercise.

Written 08/25/2021

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