Henly RV Park.

I started getting ready for the big move on Tuesday, September 31 by working on the stuff outside of the RV. Things like loading the Wicker Couch onto the carryall along with a whole bunch of other things that I had stored out there. Stored is probably not the right word as that conjures up visions of a room or shed that can be securely closed. No, my version of stored was to slide it under the RV usually in a plastic container and out of the rain and weather. I had to be careful what I put there as the Park has strict rules about stuff outside of your RV.

With the outside completely cleaned up and everything tied down on the carryall, I was ready to face the inside. Some I couldn’t do until the next day as I would still need coffee and breakfast as would the dogs. Well breakfast for them at least. There was a bunch of other stuff laying around that needed picking up and storing securely away.

Then came the big day, Wednesday, September 1. I got out of bed early (for me) took the dogs for a walk enjoying this last walkabout in this park for a while. I stopped and chatted to a couple of people, long term neighbors who knew I was on the move and came back to the RV to have breakfast and finish the packing. When I say packing, some of the loose stuff goes into drawers. Other things like the computer and printer are put on the couch. Finally, with everything in it’s place and tucked safely away, it was time to lower the RV and pull the chocks and drive it out onto the park road so that I could hook up the Jeep.

Hooking up was a simple job and worked very well but disengaging the drive train turned out to be a problem which I eventually figured out. With the brake unit in place on the jeep, we were ready to roll. I checked the site and made sure it was clean and was just about ready to drive off when the Park Super stopped by to wish me safe travels. He had noticed the problem I had with the Jeep transmission and commented on it. We bumped fists and I drove off feeling both sad and elated that I was leaving a park that I had lived in for almost a year and the great adventure was actually starting. The sale of the house and leaving an era of my life that had lasted thirty six years was behind me and it was time to move on.

This was the first time of driving the RV towing the Jeep behind and I noticed that it swayed quite bit especially when cars and big trucks whizzed by. I think some of that is due to the extra hand tools stored in the back which has probably added quite a bit of weight. When we get parked again, I need to redistribute some of this weight either by putting tools in smaller boxes and into other compartments or by just getting rid of many of them. I probably have duplicates of everything as that part of me was very reluctant to let go.

We made good time travelling IH 281 and then IH 37 towards Corpus and passing around San Antonio. Didn’t meet any traffic jambs or accidents along the way and it wasn’t until we got 40 or so miles out of Rockport and onto country roads albeit with 75 mph speed limits, did things get a little more complicated. Finally, after about four and a half hours of driving we arrived at Rockport Retreat RV Park.

I drove in and found my site and as a nice touch, the Management had put a welcome note on the number stand so I had no difficulty in identifying that I was at the right place. Again, I had problems with the Jeep after unhooking it from the RV but eventually got the transmission working again.

Mine was a back in site which was no problem for Eagle Two and I quickly hooked up the utilities and was ready to go. I ran into a problem with one of the slide outs as somehow or another, a piece of plastic trash has gotten under the slide in the living room and is preventing it from opening properly. Something I need to work on tomorrow. I noticed too, that I had lost one of the wheel hub cap covers on the rear wheels along the way, something else I will need to order and replace. WIFI reception is very good, better than at Henly and I was able to watch my favorite programs without them slipping in and out on me. We sat and watched for a while and the three of us went to bed with the first day of the new adventure starting without too much trouble.

Written 09/02/2021

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