Rockport Retreat RV Park – 09/03/2021

The New Site

As usual, we got up around 9:00 am as we had nothing planned except for walking the dogs and doing some exploration of the park and then returning for a leisurely breakfast. Following my usual routine, I sat in front of the computer going through my messages and either answering or discarding as we usually do. Sometimes, something would really catch my eye and I would follow up on it but most of the time, it was read and discarded.

My next door and closest neighbor, has set up a tent and is working on his truck under it. The thing is a big diesel and when he starts it up, I can feel the vibrations from inside my RV. Well maybe not vibrations but it is noisy. He also has a bunch of tires stacked around his RV which looks pretty unsightly. The neighbors across the street have three dogs which they let run loose and I heard loud barking from outside with Mikey retaliating for all he was worth to find that a large Lab type dog and two little Chihuahua’s has surrounded my RV to bark at my dogs which they could see through the windows of the cab. The Lab even got up on the step leading into the cab. They eventually went back but it bothers me that the owners would let them run free.

I thought about things for a bit and the next time we were walking, I took note of all of the empty spaces and as there were several, decided on my next move. The following day, Friday, which as it happens was very stormy with a lot of thunder and heavy rain, called the Park Super, Andy and asked him if I could move to one of the other sites. I had picked one out that was not close to other RV’s and asked for it. He fiddled on his end with the system and finally said that I could have it.

Day Three Friday

So as soon as it stopped raining and the thunderstorm had passed, I went through the procedures of getting the RV ready to move, disconnecting water, sewer and finally the electricity after closing the slides and raising the jacks. I moved Eagle Two a few sites away and set it back up doing everything in reverse. Compared to hooking up the truck to the Eagle, this move was a piece of cake. Then I walked back and moved the Jeep. By the time I was through, I was totally soaked with sweat even though it took less than fifteen minutes. That is how humid it was. I could not get the RV’s A/C unit to kick in and it was hot inside. So I got out a small fan that I have and plugged it in and it would not work either. Next thing was to check the fuses and finally, get out the instruction book but nothing I did would help matters. I opened the screen door to let in outside air which was cooler than in the RV even with the high humidity and sat there thinking of what might be wrong. Finally, I went outside and checked the power hookup only to discover that although I had plugged everything in properly, I had forgotten to turn on the 50 amp switch. Stupid of me. That did the trick and the A/C was soon blasting away. What I forgot was that things like jacks and slide outs and lights, were all working off the RV’s battery which is not powerful enough to operate the A/C unit. I won’t make that mistake again.

I stood under the cold shower to cool off and put on a change of clothes and surveyed my new site. My nearest neighbor who is at least 25 yards away has a big dog but it is not only on a leash but it is also muzzled and when it started to bark, the lady of the house brought it inside. The trailer on the other side is currently not occupied and maybe used on weekends or something like. There are several unused parking places and there appears to be a lot of permanent residents.

I decided that I needed to go grocery shopping and jumped into the Jeep to find the nearest store. I set my GPS to Rockport which is 3 miles away driving close to the Gulf and found an HEB (hooray). It was one of the larger stores and had a good variety of stuff and I spent an hour or so wandering around filling my cart mostly with things I really needed. A couple of other things snuck in there that I could probably do without but what the hell, life is short and in my case, growing shorter by the minute. I set the GPS to find a Starbucks but even though it had directions, we never did locate the place, darn it. Try that one again next time.

On the drive in both directions, I noticed a lot of RV Parks and RV’s on private property. They are very popular down here which is surprising taking into consideration the sort of weather they might have. I could probably have found any vacant park without too much trouble but it is always a guessing game. I look at park revues for any indication to stay away

Arriving back at Eagle Two, I was met by two overly excited little dogs who had missed me. They helped me put the groceries away, most of which went into the refrigerator before we harnessed up for their walk. I tried the dog park again but that doesn’t work too well as Mikey just sits under my chair and Sandy after a few exploratory walks, just plops down in the long grass. We gave up on the Park and finished by walking around before returning back for the evening.

I have not yet unloaded the Jeep of the Wicker Loveseat as it not very comfortable being outside with the heat and humidity. Maybe I’ll just leave it packed for the next and hopefully cooler site.

Most evenings are the same with feeding dogs and then me before settling down with a glass of wine to watch TV. If I’m lucky like on weekends, I get to watch the English Premier League. Otherwise it is a murder mystery or horror movie and hope not to dream about it while I am asleep which incidentally is of the very sound variety. By the way I am not very happy with then name Eagle Two and am trying to think of something more unique. Last Chance maybe or how about Final Ride or maybe something less sinister. I suppose I could name it after any one of my three wives but that would be a bit ironic considering each ended in divorce and although my memories are of the fondest kind, not that much. Any suggestions?

So ended Day Three at Rockport RV Park already with some adventures.

Written 09/04/2021

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