Rockport Retreat RV Park – 09/05/2021

As the sign says…

Day Four Saturday

Today was a very quiet day and again, it was extremely warm with high humidity so we spent a lot of time indoors staying cool. We took our early morning walk without anything major happening as I am always aware of other dogs and such that might create a problem. Sandy, who was walking in the grass as she usually does, suddenly let out a yelp of pain and started to hobble around. I could not find anything and a passing neighbor suggested that it was probably an ant bite. It must have been a bit uncomfortable for her as she bravely hobbled along on three legs. A big dog came to meet us who was very friendly and Sandy forgot about her ant bite as she made friends. Mikey, on the other hand, was hiding behind me until the owner came over to say hello and take her dog back inside. On our afternoon walk, we explored the Lane outside of the Park and took a few pictures.

This Park has all of the usual amenities found in the better parks with the Laundry Room and Shower facilities. It also has a Swimming Pool and lots of areas set up for people to gather with tables and chairs and even hammocks plus separate outside showers to wash the sand off the dogs after a trip to the beach. I have yet to explore those areas although we are due for a trip to the Laundry pretty soon. I also noticed there are two Horseshoe Courts although I have yet to see anyone taking advantage except for the pool which has a few mostly older kids in it from time to time. I have already mentioned the Dog Walk in a previous blog.

With the exception of the RV sites at the end where I was originally parked, there is a lot of room between RV’s so you don’t feel like you are on top of your neighbors. Currently, I have no one on either side or in front of me which is very nice. Unlike Henly which had constant comings and goings, I have yet to see any new RV’s come in or leave the Park. As I mentioned in a previous blog, that is probably because there are a lot of RV parks available here in Rockport.

Day Five Sunday

The following day which was a Sunday, the park was very quiet with just the occasional car driving and the odd person walking their dogs. We had a slow start and sat around writing this blog before I decided that I should check out the Laundry room and put in a load to wash. The room has several washers and dryers and was decently clean and there was only one other person using the machines leaving me with a big choice. So, in my usual select way, I upended my laundry bag into the washer and set it to the heat I wanted and put in my dollar and a half which incidentally is a dollar cheaper than at Henly. After adding detergent, I then made a trip to the dumpster to dispose of our garbage and went back to the RV to wait about forty five minutes or so for the wash cycle to complete, . I don’t mind sitting around as I am getting used to not having much to do other than take care of the RV, plus of course Mikey, Sandy. and Me. I made the trip back to the the washroom and put the laundry in the dryer The dryers are stacked one on top of the other I chose the lower one, put in my dollar and a half, pushed the button and watched as the top dryer started instead of the bottom. Stupid me had put my money in the wrong slot resulting in my having to transfer the clothes to the top dryer. Oh well…Makes for an interesting day. So I grabbed the broom and dustpan and swept out the laundry room just to be a nice guy. Every bit helps, right?

Forty five minutes later, I went back and took the clothes out of the dryer carefully folding each item so that anyone who might be watching would see that I was an expert at this laundry thing. Putting it in my laundry bag, I made the way back to the RV with this particular chore complete for another week.

After putting the clothes away, we spent the rest of the day writing until it was time to take the dogs out for their evening walk. Sandy of course, more than ready and again, Mikey comes along for the ride. This walk was a little more eventful as all of a sudden, two large unleashed dogs appeared followed by the owner. There was the usual tussle with Sandy leading the way and Mikey cowering behind me before the owner was able to grab them and haul them off. I gotta say that Sandy, for such a small dog is not lacking in courage and is not awed by the size or ferocity of the other dogs although she should be. It might cost her (and me) one day.

As we walked past another RV, yet another large dog trotted over only this one was just curious and friendly and he and Sandy hit it off before the owner came over full of apologies although in this case, there was no harm done. Dogs are one of the problems in RV parks especially to those that are here on a permanent basis. The owners sometimes tend to let them out unsupervised or off leash when the owners are outside even though the rules say differently. Understandable but still risky. Even if they are out with them and they are not leashed, the owners don’t always have control over the animal. One of my readers suggested I carry a big stick and bang it on the ground by their feet. If I carried a stick, I’m afraid that I would not be banging the ground but beating on the other dog. I do have one of the electronic deterrents but it doesn’t work that good as it operates by flashing a very bright light in the other dogs eyes but as the eyes are usually focused on biting Sandy, I don’t get a good “shot”.

I thought about taking a drive but really, my heart wasn’t in it so we stayed in the RV for the rest of the evening except for taking the final walk of the day. Sandy gets ancy when her interior clock says it’s time for walkies. I just can’t get her clock and my clock to read the same time and I keep trying to tell her to wait until it cools down even by 2-3 degrees. The life of a dog and her hooman.

Written 09/05/2021

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