Rockport Retreat RV Park – 09/07/2021

View from the right window. Notice how well spaced apart the RV’s are.

Day 6 Monday

I am thinking that this coast move is not such a great idea as I was banking on there being sea breezes but not so much. For the next Park, in a little over a weeks time, I think I might try somewhere back inland maybe close to a lake or river.

Another day started pretty much like the rest up to now. The first thing was to take the dogs walking and as the Dog Walk Park as it is called is just across the road, I tried to be lazy and let the dogs loose hoping that they would at least walk around for a bit. They did for two minutes then Sandy flopped down in the grass and Mikey stayed under my chair. I even walked around with them and they followed me but not too happy inside the Dog Walk. Maybe that area is just not interesting enough. As we were leaving, a couple came over with two big dogs wanting to use the Park. This time, the dogs were leashed and under control so we chatted for a bit before they went in and we continued walking. Nothing much changes in this Park at least up to now with no comings and goings. I don’t know why as it is a very nice park and well kept place. It seems that apart from us, everyone else is a permanent resident. There are a few empty RV’s here with the owners leaving them parked for storage. They are not trashy but just parked.

We walked past the swimming pool and then past the Office and all of a sudden, the Park Manager’s large dog came out followed by the Manager and it got into a bit of a tussle with Sandy before taking off always keeping one step ahead of it’s owner until it reached the Dog Walk. It went inside whereupon the Manager shut the gate on it and then came back to talk to me inquiring if Sandy was hurt. She was OK but Mikey as per usual, in his frantic efforts to get away had scratched my legs pretty good. I have permanent scars from him and other dogs who have done the same thing over the years. That is one of the drawbacks with wearing shorts all of the time. No leg protection. The last time I was at the Dermatologists, she commented on the state of my legs with all of the scarring. It doesn’t bother me much as I don’t plan on entering any beauty contests in the near future.

I decided that I needed a couple of things and maybe I could also find a Starbucks in Rockport so I hopped in the car and drove the 5 miles until I located a Rite-Aid which didn’t have what I was looking for. I drove on for a bit, passed the HEB that I was in the day before and located a Walmart’s that was huge. They had everything I needed plus a lot more. I made a couple of inquiries and was informed that the closest Starbucks was in Portland a few miles away. Although I like coffee, driving that far didn’t seem like a good idea and I settled for a Coffee Mocha from the cold drink section at Walmart’s. Gotta get that fix somehow…

On the way home, I took a couple of different roads hoping to find a way to the beach but with little luck although I wasn’t trying that hard. I reset the Map and had it send me back to the park where I found two very excited little dogs waiting to go out on their evening walk which we did almost immediately this time with no other dog interactions.

The rest of the day was spent in our usual way of eating, watching a soccer game and then going to bed where we all slept like the proverbial “babies”.

Day Seven Tuesday

Today started very much like all of the other days so far. We went walking and this time, didn’t run into any other dogs or have anything eventful happen. True to form, we came back to breakfast for all of us and then I sat down in front of the laptop to continue with the journal for this park. I discovered a few errors in the two previous writings and made the necessary corrections mostly with the dates.

After a few hours, Sandy started to get ancy as she usually does when she thinks it is time to go walking. As it is another very hot day with the heat index up to 100 degrees and with such high humidity, making for very uncomfortable walking. I keep trying to explain this to Sandy but she either doesn’t understand or is just plain ignoring me. Probably the latter.

Written 09/07/2021

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