Texana Park RV Resort

Lake Texana


We are following a daily pattern which is pretty much the same. The differences are when I go into town for groceries or in my case, a visit to the ATT store. I think I have pretty much exhausted that angle and my only way out is to buy a second Booster. This way, I would get cheaper gigs of service as opposed to my current system of paying $10 for an additional 5 gigs. Either that or move to a park that has decent WIFI. I really don’t want to do that as I really like this park and have been giving it some thought to stay an additional 2 weeks.

Today started off very much like all of the other days with a walk in the mornings followed by breakfast. The actual household chores are very few especially indoors. I have to vacuum out occasionally with my little hand held battery operated unit and make the bed, sort of. Of course there are things like feeding dogs and myself and then cleaning up the dishes. I am not much of a meat eater so I don’t barbecue or grille and rely a lot on packages and cans. One of the bright spots of my current site is that the trash dumpster is just across the road, a small bonus.

Today, for the morning walk, I decided to take one of the trails of which there are several all connected together. We walked under shade of the large oak trees most of the way along a wide pathway for about 1-1/2 miles total. The dogs just loved the new adventure and the new smells although I was very watchful for any snakes along the way. Returning back to the RV, we went through the usual feeding routines followed by a spell in front of the computer to keep up with this blog.

At one point, I started thinking about my current lifestyle comparing to those past years after retiring from my working life. I have always been a very active person both physically and mentally and like to keep myself challenged. As I grow older, my physical abilities have slowed down quite considerably as have my mental capabilities which comes with advanced years and now, I am quite content to sit and write rather than having to be active all of the time. Walking the dogs is about as much as I want to do physically or maybe a longer hike without them is good but I no longer need all of that activity or the need to stay busy. Consequently, this lifestyle suits me just fine.

For the evening walk, I stayed within the park roads walking the big circle by the lake watching and photographing the views and wildlife. That walk is almost a mile around. I think I will start to carry my big camera in the future as it has a telescopic lens instead of using my phone.


Today, for our early morning walk, I decided that Mikey, Sandy and I needed to take another of the trails, the entry of which is right beside my RV. This one actually interconnects with the one I took last time and made a big sweep for almost a mile before bringing me back to the where we started. Easy walking, lots of shade but still keeping a wary eye out for any crittures of the slithery kind. The only thing we saw was a squirrel and a heron.

My neighbors on both sides that had moved in on Friday both packed up and moved out this morning. I watched them and the have a really good routine either doing individual tasks or helping one another when it required more than one person, like when they stowed their awning. I chatted to one of the couples and they are from Yoakum, a small town forty or so miles from here. Both of these neighbors are regular campers although I’m not sure if it is every weekend. They were telling me that there used to be four couples and now they are down to just two. Neither of them are young so I don’t know how much longer they will keep it going. Great that they have had these memories and friendship over all of these years. I watched them drive away with a certain amount of envy that they do this as married couples and obviously both enjoy it.

I worked on the blog and on the pictures that I have taken getting them ready to be included in the things that I write about.

One of the trails


I got up early for me and took the dogs out for a short walk. If Mikey had his way, we would walk around the grass outside of the RV and then straight back inside but as Sandy and I both know his sneaky little ways, we make sure that we get going before Mikey realizes that he has lost his opportunity to rebel. We only did a short walk around the block and watched as yet another RV pulled out. I think that I mentioned that I am the only RV left on my street. Feels a bit like the Lone Ranger and kinda scary although this is a gated community. Depending if I stay longer than the end of the month will decide if I ask for a new site. I might anyway to find one with more shade even it it just across the street.

Today, I have no real plans although I am quite sure that I will not spend much time outdoors as it is hot and somewhat humid. Not surprising with all of this water around. Even with the shade from all of these wonderful Live Oaks, it is still very uncomfortable when we are out walking. At least we can look forward to cooler weather as it is now officially Fall. We went out for a longer walk later in the afternoon and took a bunch of pictures which I will work on tomorrow ready to include them in these blogs. We came across an Armadillo that let us get pretty close before he spotted us and dashed off into hiding. We saw a bunch of wildlife, birds, herons, ducks and such on the water by the bridge. Still looking for that elusive crocodile though. This is a very nice park if only the WIFI worked and the washing machines were operating.

I spent most of the afternoon working on the pictures that I have taken, touching them up and adding my watermark. I use Adobe Lightroom for most of this work which can be a very complex program especially if it is not used on a consistent basis which I don’t. Consequently, it took lots of trials and errors before I figured it back out again. Another downfall of growing older. Less memory retention.

Later on in the evening, the weather changed and we had a very severe thunderstorm come through. The lightning flashes were very dramatic lighting up the sky with brilliance but we didn’t get much rain to talk of. The storm quickly passed leaving behind an eerie silence. And so to bed as yet another day has passed.

A Busy little fellow.


We got up late this morning for no other reason than not waking up and no reason to have to and following the usual procedure, went walking with the dogs. This time, we headed down the road towards the bridge. With no other RV’s on the street, we are able to wander around wherever the dogs (Sandy) take us as we are not invading anyone else’s space and needless to say, it is not in a straight line. Anyone watching would think I was drunk or something as Sandy pulls us this way and that as her nose catches yet another interesting smell. Mikey and I, both mere males, follow along very meekly behind as just like most women, she rules the roost in our house. I took my big camera with me this time and got some great shots which I worked on when we got back to the RV. It took a while, several hours in fact to get the photos where I wanted them adding my Postmark as the last thing. Now I have a good supply of pictures to add to the blog and will continue to take more as I wander around.

The one major drawback to this Park is their lack of a working WIFI which, as I have mentioned before, is costing me almost $10:00 a day because of having to buy extra gigs of service for my ATT Booster which supplies service to phone, computer and TV. This may be the one reason that I have to move on even though I really like it here.

Most of the day was taken up with working on photos and then going for the evening walk which this time was towards the lake where there are several RV’s, probably 15 or so parked. Certainly a lot more than on my street where I am the only one. This is such a nice park that I imagine, the lack of WIFI service is one of the deterrents as most people do research before booking into any campground and WIFI, or lack of, is usually a very big factor.

Written 09/23/2021

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