Texana Park RV Resort

Edna, Texas Main Street


Today was a little different as we decided that we needed to go into Edna for a couple of different reasons but first we had to go through our normal routine of walkies and breakfast. For the first walk of the day, we just walked around the park as we usually do checking on the RV’s and the different comings and goings. We walked by the Lake and watched the different birds and managed to see yet another Armadillo. The place is teeming with them, well maybe teeming is not the right word but we have seen three different ones already. Generally, when we walk around the Park, we cover between half to three quarters of a mile. We also saw a large amount of deer as we usually do as they just wander around the Park in small herds.. There were even a couple of young bucks, literally, who were practicing their headbutting skills although neither of them had antlers.

Following our usual leisurely breakfast, we sat at the computer checking messages, answering a few, reading the latest gossip and generally staying in touch with the outside world before I decided that due to the non functioning washing machines here at the park, I needed to go into Edna to do laundry and while waiting, grocery shopping at HEB. The trip in to Edna is a straight shot from the campground of about 7 miles which at 75 mph, the actual speed limit, did not take very long. I found the Laundromat via my cell phone and when I pulled up, I was not even sure it was open. it is not a run down building or anything like that but there wasn’t a soul either in the parking lot or inside the laundromat. I tentatively pushed open the door and discovered a vey large space with lots of working washers and dryers with only a couple being used. There was no one on duty neither was there a change machine. I quickly solved that problem as I could see a bank just a block away

Back at the Laundromat, I filled two machines and the set off for HEB again with the use of my cell phone map locater. Actually, it was only a couple of blocks away as Edna is not a very big town with a population of 5600. It was established in 1886. It has this very wide Main Street typical of those seen in the movies of old Wild West Towns. It still has a working train track and I could hear the train whistles as they passed through the town. Even though the HEB is small, it still had everything that I need and a lot more. I even persuaded myself to buy pork chops just to vary my diet as I’m not usually much of a meat eater. I returned to the laundry which had completed the wash cycle and I put it in the dryer and listened to an Audiobook as I waited. The dryers are huge and I was able to put both washed loads into one. The dryer worked by putting in a quarter and then when that ran out, another one and on and on. Actually, I was able to sort the dry clothes out and fold them while the rest was drying. It worked well. Incidentally, my entire cost was $3.00 as compared to $6:50 at Henly.

The trip back was very uneventful and fast. I do like the 75mph speed limits for the roads down here in this part of the State. It is probably because of very straight roads, unobstructed views most of the time and very few cars.. I was greeted by two very excited little dogs who helped me put the groceries and the laundry away and even helped me make the bed, a chore at the best of times and they really didn’t make it any easier. Come to that, neither were they much help. We went out on the evening walk and this time, we chose one of the trails close by and wandered along it until it returned us back to our point of entry. Wandered is not the right word as Sandy does not know the meaning of it. In her mind, everything is a new exciting adventure with so many smells and interesting things along the way all to be done as fast as possible. Me and Mikey, we just stagger along behind hoping that she will get tired and slow down. Altogether for the day, I covered around three and a half miles with the dogs a little less as they did not do the Edna trip.

I watched as two new neighbors pulled in, one next door and the other across the street. The next door people look like the ones that were here last week but the ones across the street are definitely different ones. They have a 5th wheel which I assume the older people live in and they have also erected a tent for the younger family. When I say younger, I’m talking a husband and wife and a toddler in vey large diapers who staggers around all over the place. It looks like she hasn’t been walking for very long. Plus of course, a dog, a little Dachshund who like all of it’s breed, is very noisy. At least now, for a while, I am no longer the Lone Ranger of the block.

We closed the day out in our usual fashion, feeding Sandy and Mikey first and then me, washing up and putting everything away in its place and watching television before going to bed just after midnight to sleep like a baby.


Today, we chose another of the trails for our early morning walk and apart from a couple of deer in the distance, it was uneventful. This trail actually bisects the loop where all of the RV’s are parked and is a relatively short walk of about a half mile but enough to get us going for the day. On our return, we did the usual breakfast/dog feed routine before settling down in front of the computer. Another RV has pulled in across the street kind of kitty corner from us. Looks like a single older gentleman with his large dog. He was obviously very experienced as he was set up in no time flat. It’s interesting that so many of the RV people are older men, sometimes with their wives. I guess they are retired like me and no longer need to work and can afford this lifestyle and a life of leisure. BTW, these older guys have no trouble in operating their rigs and backing in and setting up to them is a piece of cake. For obvious reasons, the younger group are just weekenders.

The RV’s started to arrive in numbers as the day wore on with people coming in for the weekend. Many came in RV’s of all shapes and sizes. Several came in to tent camp. Funny, but they seemed to be the noisiest with a lot of shouting and laughter and radios blaring noisy music. I guess that is the nature of tent camping as you quite literally spend most of the time outdoors whereas RV campers can go inside and shut the door.

We walked around the campground for our evening walk just to be nosy and see all of the new arrivals and there were a lot of them. Many said hello as we walked by or their dogs would bark at us which of course set off my dogs. With apologies all round, we would quickly walk away with Sandy looking over her shoulder to have the last bark.

We had no serious plans for anything today. Just to walk, write, work on the pictures and generally laze around. What a life…

Written 09/24/2021.

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