A Panoramic view of Lake Texana

Moving On

A short walk, breakfast and then a fight to get the internet up and running. That was how the day started and to a writer like myself, having a working internet is really important. I think somewhere there must be some sort of weird connection between my decision to move on because of the lousy internet service as today was the very worst it has been so far. It was so bad that I had to jump in my car and drive around the park until I found a spot that allowed me to actually make a connection so that I could pump more money into the system or at least as much as it allows ($30.00 for 15 gigs) which will last me until tomorrow when I will have to do it all over again. That is why I am leaving as I have already spent over $320.00 or so on trying to get service here.

One of the many deer in the park

I returned to the RV after making the connection and completed writing the previous blog before starting this one. I spent time working on the pictures although, the ones taken by my iPhone need very little work, the camera is that good. By the time we had finished this, it was time for walkies as Sandy keeps reminding me. We went on another trail walk and covered almost a mile and a half at breakneck speed until retuning back to sit in the outside wicker couch to cool off and drink a beer. Very relaxing. I got a call back from St Ives, the next park on my list and we completed the arrangements for us to move on at the end of the month. Of course, the first thing I asked them was about their internet which they claim is good. I guess we will see. This time, I have only booked for a week but I can always change that If I like it there. So, counting today, we have four more days left as I drive out on November 1.

As is our usual custom, we went for a short walk around the park. It is very quiet here with all of the RV’s moved out and just a few along the lake. Following breakfast, I sat and wrote and watched as a very large tractor/mower combo pulled into the area of the trails hopefully to cut down the long grass. I don’t like walking in it as I can’t see any snakes that might be hiding there plus on our early morning walk, it is wet with dew and gets the dogs pretty soaked resulting in them having to get toweled down before we can go back in. Either that or sit outside for a while which we generally do anyway.

I called the new campsite both to confirm that they will accept forwarded packages and then I called PostNet to make those arrangements as I have a package there containing a unit that I would like to get installed in my Jeep. It will save me money on insurance and I will only get charged for miles driven. The Jeep tends to sit a lot often for days on end. At the same time, I changed my allotted campsite to a different one that is on the end giving up shade for privacy. Thanking them very profusely and after them saying they will se me on Friday, I hung up.

I sat here thinking of the past and our current life and how much it has changed. Now, my time is my own to do as much or as little as I want. There are chores of course, cleaning the RV and taking care of the tanks, laundry and shopping which both involve going into Edna and then of course the walks, without which I would hardly be moving. Sandy won’t allow that to happen of course as she is pretty demanding. Her body clock starts going off about 2:30 for the afternoon walk which is much too early by my standards as it is still pretty hot and uncomfortable out there. I prefer it later in the day when the sun is lower in the sky. So, I tactfully ignore her and don’t make eye contact as that gets her tail wagging and I feel bad at the hopeful look in her eyes. Mikey is much more laid back and nowhere near as demanding. Difference between the male and the female just like in real life with humans. Sorry, just my view on women. That’s why I have been a bachelor for these past 30 years as on some things, I find it very hard to compromise.

That is a swamp through the trees.

Written 09/29/2021 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com