Part of the lake at the top end.

I think that today was the most frustrating one that I have had in a long time. Following a walk with the pups and then a leisurely breakfast, I settled down to read emails, answering any that require an answer and then work on the most recent blog of our current events. That was what I had planned but fate has a way of messing up any plans that I may have. The best laid plans of mice and men etc.
The walk and the breakfast part went very well. Heck, I would really have to be in a bad way to mess up walking the dogs and making breakfast for all of us. No, my troubles started when I sat down in front of the computer to review the most recent batch of emails just in case there might be one that is either different or very interesting or maybe even from my good friends that stay in touch with me. Those are the ones I like the best and I always try to respond with a longer message. No, what happened is there was no internet of any kind, nothing, nada. I knew what the problem was that I was out of gigs of service but this time around was that no matter what I tried, I could not connect and log in to add extra gigs as I usually do, for a price of course.

So, my only recourse was to call the help desk and see what they could do which ended up a very long process with several transfers of personnel to different departments over a phone line that I could barely hear made worse by the individuals on the other end with heavy Indian accents. They were all very polite and helpful but I really did have trouble understanding them. Three hours later, we finally got the problem sorted out and the internet was back up and running albeit at the cost of an additional $30.00 for 15 more gigs which hopefully will last me until the regular monthly renewal of 100 gigs of service will happen. Altogether, it has cost me $340.00 of additional payment to get internet for the past two weeks. As it is probably one of my few luxuries and for me, a necessity, I consider it money well spent although I hope the next site does have a good internet service so I don’t have to go through this again. BTW, I had to change my password in order to get logged on. The wonders of the Internet.
I made a quick run back in to HEB to stock up mainly because I was out of food for my buddies and then we went for a walk only this time, we stayed on the road around the park as the overnight rain had muddied up the trails. For the day, we covered around two and half miles, not bad for just walking the park. At least I was able to watch the football on the TV in the evening.


One of the trails.

Today, we got up relatively early at 9:00 compared to two days ago when we didn’t wake up until 11:00. It came on to rain just as we were getting ready to go out so we switched our plans and had breakfast instead, waited for the rain to stop and walked for about a half mile. Another RV had pulled in late last night making the second on our street although the weekend is getting close and probably several more will be doing their weekend camping thing. As I sat here and wrote this blog, I watched a couple of deer, a doe and a buck as they fed on the grass right outside of my window. The deer are very plentiful as are the Armadillos as we have seen lots of both on our walks.

Later on, another Motor Home pulled in, this time a very large Class A. I watched as the driver very expertly backed into the site. I guess they had already disconnected their toad as it came along before the Motorhome. I would really like one of those for the additional space but when I was thinking of changing from the 5th wheel, I really didn’t consider one as they are so big and although I have had big rig experience, that was back in the days of my comparative youth and it’s been a long time driving anything that size. No, that is why I settled for my Class C. I had to compromise on space and the layout could have been different but it will do for the rest of my RV’ing days. Maybe I can remodel the living area, take out the sleeper couch and put in a desk, lower the TV to eye level and try for more kitchen counter top space somehow. Who knows.

I wanted to get a jump on tomorrows departure and went ahead and packed away the wicker couch and table onto the rack at the back of the Jeep along with a few other items that I like to carry there. Even though the temperature was only 82 degrees, the humidity was high and it wasn’t long before I was soaked again. I completed all of the outside work and the only thing to do outside is to drain and disconnect the sewer pipes, unhook the cold water feed and finally disconnect the electric line. This one is the first and the last on the list so that the slides will go out and in and the A/C will work which I found out the hard way. Inside, a few things will need to be stored and others items put away and made safe

I drove to the office to get a clean map as I had managed to spill something all over mine and talked to the lady behind the desk about the internet problems. She assured me that “they are working on it with additional towers” and if I come back again, it will be fixed. Yeah, right. I took a picture of the entrance for the blog.

It clouded over and looked like rain so I decided that we should go walking early. We harnessed up or at least the dogs did and took our final long stroll around the park covering 1.8 miles. Along the way, I watched as four deer, all bucks were gathered together. Two were pronghorns and the other two had a full set of antlers so I assume they were older. One of the antlered deer kept trying to drive one of the pronghorns away as I watched. Tried several times in fact. No idea what that was all about as he never bothered the other pronghorn. Such is the mysteries of nature.

Again, with the high humidity, I sweat pretty good. We said hello as we passed by a few neighbors before returning back to the campsite where I took the opportunity of cleaning the windows on the RV cab. It’s amazing how dirty they get when it is parked. I think that even the rain water is dirty as it leaves behind it’s own residue. Not having anything to sit on outside with the wicker couch packed away, I had to come indoors to cool off and drink my beer. Not quite the same but the beer still went down very easily.

We ended the day in the usual way with feeding the dogs then me and watching the soccer on the television. Tomorrow is the big day as we move out once more this time for a hundred mile trip to St Ives RV Resort in Alvin, close to Houston.

Written 09/30/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com