A pano of some of the park taken from the dog run.

So far, it has been a nice quiet and peaceful day getting up around the usual time then doing what we do every morning, walks and then breakfast. The few chores related to this life style are minimal when we are parked and usually consist of emptying the black and grey tanks every few days. Depending on how bad they are, very occasionally I might need to sprinkle fire ant killer on any mounds that may pop up overnight as they can be nasty little buggers and they really hurt when they bite not only me but also the dogs. I have also put up the Shepherds Crook and hung both humming bird mixture and seed in the hope of seeing maybe a few birds of both kinds but so far, not a single one. Come to that, there are not many small birds around anyway, maybe not enough cover for them as we are pretty much out in the open. We are surrounded by trees and woods but they are long way off.

This sure is a lazy life compared to my previous existence. When I owned the house and had the ponds, there was always and I mean always, something that needed doing and most of it essential that it was taken care of. I might have been able to put it off for a day or two but in the end, it just had to be done, whatever it was. Now, I pretty much pick and choose what I want or need to do. On most days, it usually consists of any or all of the following. Walkies, feeding me and the dogs, more walkies, RV maintenance as described above, reading and catching up on emails and such, writing in my blog, occasionally going to the store or the office, laundry, more walkies, working on and posting photographs, more feeding me and the dogs, listening to Audiobooks and even more walkies. At the end of the day after the last walk, we usually sit outside with a beer and take in the sounds and the sights, acknowledging any other campers that walk or drive by with a wave or a verbal hello with my dogs barking at their dogs, their own version of a greeting, I guess. I did talk to one of my neighbors whose RV suddenly disappeared only to find out that he had roof problems and it was in the shop and was going to be there for more than a week. He said he was staying with friends and stopped by occasionally to check on his outside stuff that he had piled up on his site, including a generator.

That is one of the problems of this life. Our RV is our home and if for any reason it does require work that means an overnight or longer stay in the shop, then we have to find alternative places to live while the work is ongoing. In my case, it will mean staying in a Hotel or Motel that takes dogs, which might be a problem. I hope we never have to find out. Some repair shops allow the owners to actually stay in the RV’s while they are parked in the shop. From where I sit at the table, I have a view out of three sides of the RV although, apart from the heavy equipment, there is generally not much to see or that changes very much except for maybe the occasional car or truck or someone walking their dogs.

The bird feeders. The steps in the picture are for the RV with the leaky roof.

We went out for the afternoon walk and were immediately attacked by a veritable swarm of mosquitos. I turned back around and found the bug spray and covered all of my exposed parts. before venturing back outside. It appeared to do the trick although there is always that one or two very determined or very hungry ones that ends up getting squished by the back of my hand. We explored some areas around the pond that we had not walked before but I am reluctant to walk in the long grass for fear of snakes so those sort of walks were very brief. We stuck to the park roads for the remainder of the walk trying to walk on the shady side of the park as much as possible. Back in the RV, I spent time looking at the local parks to see if any of them had trails and may have located a couple. I might try them out in the next couple of days.

The day ended as it it normally does with food for the dogs and then me followed by a glass of wine and watching the television.

Nature’s Beauty

Written 10/07/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com