Hard at it but the pile is not getting much smaller.

Today was another of those days when we woke up late. The beauty of that is that it really doesn’t matter unless we do happen to have something planned that requires early rising. On those days, which, by the way, are few and far between, I set the alarm clock just to be sure. The only problem with the late start is the sun is high by the time we get out for the first walk of the day and it is already a little warm, especially here in Texas. We did a short walk around the park but I could tell that Sandy wasn’t that interested and as she is the one that dictates how far and how long we walk, we returned to the RV for breakfast for them and coffee for me. We had nothing planned or anything that needed my attention so after cleaning up, I settled down in front of the computer to do my usual thing of writing in this blog.

As I glanced out of the window, I noticed an empty RV site and remembered that last evening, I watched lights around that RV. I put it down to having to drain the tanks or something similar but a little later, they drove out hauling the RV with them. I thought it strange that they left so late as it was around 10:00 pm and dark out. Usually, most RV’ers pull out in the daylight to arrive at their next site in time to set up before it does get dark but I guess these campers must have had their reasons. Don’t envy them having to set up somewhere in the dark but wish them well.

The heavy equipment is hard at work but the huge pile of dirt does not appear to be getting much smaller. At this rate, it will not be gone before I leave here. Looking around, I can’t believe how empty this park is as it really is a nice resort. Many of the campers are permanent residents or at least for an extended period of time like the lady I was speaking to in the Laundry room a couple of days ago whose husband is building something close by. During the day, most of the RV’s show no sign of life and it is not until the evening that things begin to pick up a bit. There are also a few that are parked here long term with only the occasional visits from the owners. I suppose that if you can afford it, parking the RV at a park is just as good as putting it in storage somewhere.

It was another of those lazy days which we spent working on the blog before heading out for the evening walk. This time I headed for the Dog Run and let them off their leashes and they actually did walk around and smell out what had been there before them. We finished walking around the park and back to Miss Daisy for the evening and followed our usual practice of food for us all and a glass of wine while watching Midsomer Murders, an English murder series on TV in lieu of a soccer game as I had watched all ten of last weekends games. This sure is a lazy life…


Showing their pretty faces.

Another late rising day. Good job I don’t have anything that I need to worry about that is affected by the clock as we have no plans for today. I have looked up a couple of Parks that are nearby that we will try out next week. No need to go when the park may be crowded as today is Saturday. This morning, we did our usual walk around the park and only saw one other dog taking it’s owner out for her walk. Probably because we were late reporting for duty, I mean walk. The dogs didn’t care just happy to be out and about and smelling all of the wonderful overnight aromas. I received word that the pool was opening today at noon time. I might wander over to take a look but won’t go swimming. Not really my thing. Not that I have an aversion to water, it’s just not my sport. Besides, you get your hair wet…Actually, that is not quite true as I toyed with the idea of buying a canoe to add to our entertainment but the more I thought about, I realized that I do have a fear of open water So that idea went out of the window.

I looked on line for the next campground just in case I have trouble in locating one with room for my RV. After all, winter is coming on and the snowbirds will soon be heading South. I went back to RV Trip Planner and picked one out and called them to make a reservation. It is named Rock’n E RV Park and is located in a place called Coldspring, about a 100 mile trip. We will leave here the morning of the 18th of this month. Again, I have booked for a week and if it works out, we probably can extend our stay.

I went to the office as they had texted me that I have a package, probably supplements that I ordered online. They had been forwarded on from my mail service, PostNet at my request and only took a couple of days. Pretty good service.
I also stopped by the new pool to take a look as it had just opened earlier today. A couple of the residents were using it and it looks very nice and will be even better when they finish the bar which adjoins the pool, unfortunately not by the time I leave. Not sure I am missing anything pool wise as most of the female residents are pretty overweight as are a couple of the men who live here that I have seen. The park is pretty empty and quiet through the week with not too many people out and about. Most of them are probably at work.

The rest of the day was spent in tidying up Miss Daisy, trying to make it look a little less crowded and jumbled. Of course, all I really did was move the mess into the cupboards and out of sight. I never really addressed the issue of sorting things out and putting them in appropriate places. I would have to label those places after that so I could find the stuff when I needed it as my memory is really bad. Even though the RV is small, everything seems to get lost somehow or is not where I thought it was or expected it to be. Oh well.

We finished off the day with our usual walk around the park. The heavy construction workers have a couple of days off for the weekend although others were working on the Bar. Different crew for a different project. Today being Saturday meant a whole new batch of English Premier League football to watch which is what we will do as we eat our evening meal and until we go to bed.

The new pool which has just opened and the bar still under construction.

Written 10/09/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com.