The Pond. It was at the end of this berm that we nearly made friends with the Alligator pictured below.

Another quiet day following the usual procedures of walks and breakfast. Nothing much going on or anything to see during the walk as it is Sunday and there are very few kids here. It is mostly an Adult Park not by design but just how things have worked out with travelling Construction workers and a lot of older campers. We did spend some time in the Dog Run with the usual results, Sandy enjoying the smells and Mikey sticking close to me before we headed back to Miss Daisy for breakfast. Today is cloudy with light rain showers and enough wind that I had to retract the canopy so that it would not get damaged which also meant that I needed to bring in the wicker couch cushions to save them from getting a soaking. I had to find space for them so I put so them on the bed which is a great place for this type of temporary storage. The Park is very quiet with no activity at all.

Later in the afternoon as it was Sunday, several families were out walking, many along with their dogs and there was much more activity around the park. Mikey, with his usual position on the passenger seat of Miss Daisy when he knows other dogs and humans are around, greeted them all with his loud barking until told to “quiet down” which he does although somewhat reluctantly. It’s nice to see the extra activity in the park.

I am beginning to think that putting out the seed and humming bird feeders is a bit of a waste of time. So far, I haven’t seen a single bird of any variety even come close to investigate. There are a few larger birds around especially by the pond where the Egrets feed but I guess we are too much in the open for the smaller birds as you can see from the picture above. Most of the trees are of the larger variety and there are not many of them. so they do not provide much shelter for the smaller birds.

The evening walk was much more entertaining as I got to meet several of the other campers either sitting outside their RV’s or out walking. I even met a gentleman dressed up as the Gringe from the Dr Seuss storybooks. Sandy just greeted him as a normal person and Mikey did his usual thing, hiding behind me. I guess he is getting ready for the upcoming fancy dress parade to be held here at the end of the month which, unfortunately, we will miss.

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, food and then television. I was disappointed that the English Premier League games were not on until I remembered that it was International Break week when the Premier League suspends its games to release the players about once a month so that International Teams from various countries around the world can play each other usually for the World Cup qualifiers and other competitions.

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