The Pond and the end of the berm where we encountered the Alligator.

Monday morning and the park is comparatively empty and quiet again with the working people off to earn their living. It rained really hard during the night with very extensive thunderstorms that were so close, I felt the pressure inside the RV when the thunder rolled. The rain was very heavy and kept us awake for a while. Today, I notice that the heavy construction workers are not here presumably because the area in which they are working gets very muddy with the heavy rain and their equipment would just tear the place up.

Our morning walk was uneventful and I was surprised how little standing water was around considering how hard it rained. We tried the Dog Park again with the same results, Sandy sniffing around and Mikey not leaving my side. I’m not sure if he thinks that I need protection and he is the man for the job or he is a scaredy cat and is afraid to sniff around. Who can figure out a doggy brain? We passed the new Bar and they are really making progress with the construction. Still won’t be ready before we leave.

We spent most of the day working on our blog and a few other chores inside and outside of Miss Daisy. I had a knock on the door and when I opened it, there was a delivery left on the wicker couch, some medication that hade been forwarded on. Normally, like the last one, I pick these up at the main office but I guess someone needed something to do and delivered it to me. The day was very quiet which is the way I like them nowadays. I have no need for excitement. Funny how we change as we get older. Twenty five years ago I would have been bored out of my tree living this life and now I am very content to do nothing.

We went for our usual walk later in the day with Sandy leading the way, as always. It’s amazing that for such a little dog, she is remarkably strong pulling both me and Mikey to wherever she wants to go which is all over the place. If she is really determined for a special scent and I want to move on, she will lay down pulling all of the time. If I really want to move on, then a short tug and she moves along with us. Not exactly an immoveable object.

The day ended as it usually does with food all around and me watching the TV. So far, the dogs do not watch…


An Egret sitting in the tree

I really need to start going to bed earlier as when I do eventually get there, I sleep so well that it sometimes ten o’clock before I even wake up. The one big problem with that apart from the fact that I have slept away a couple of hours of daytime is that it is already pretty warm outside when we go for our first walk of the day. I gotta stop watching the TV so late. OK, so from now on we have made a new resolution to try to get to bed sooner and get up earlier. Yeah, right. Hard to change old habits.

The walk was uneventful and apart from the fact that the heavy construction workers were back playing with their Tonker Toys, nothing was going on around the park. A couple of dogs were barking from inside their RV’s as we passed by but otherwise, the park was very quiet. We walked by the pond but I don’t have the nerve to walk out on the berms. Maybe when I don’t have the dogs with me. Nah, I don’t think so. I’ll stay on the bank and hope I see the Alligator again from there. That first and only time was way too up close and personal for me.

We spent time working on the blog as we usually do and then, later in the day, I decided that I needed groceries and made the short drive into Alvin to the HEB there. Compared to some, this is a relatively small store but it has everything that I need. It seems the prices are a bit higher than I am used to but what the heck, gotta eat, (and drink wine and eat chocolate), right. I tried to locate the Starbucks that I found before but my GPS kept leading me back to one located in a big store even after several tries. At one of them, I ended up in a line for a car wash only to be met by one very excited car wash attendant telling me that my car with the luggage carrier on the back could not go through the wash. At that point I told him I didn’t want the wash anyway and would he please direct me out of there. Such adventures. Apparently, Alvin has more than one Starbucks as I visited one last week. Oh well, probably just as well as it is a very expensive habit. So I gave up on the Starbucks idea and came back to Miss Daisy and two noisy little dogs who at least were very pleased to see me knowing that for them, it was walkies time.

We walked around the park and it was breezy enough that the mosquitos were not too bad as long as I kept moving. The minute that I stopped, they swarmed. Nasty little buggers. I sat outside for a while and watched as one of my neighbors, apparently a single lady, had a couple of men stop by and work on what looked like, her tanks. One of them looked older than me but he was very spritely. I heard them conversing in Spanish as they tried to fix the problem. Don’t know if they did as I decided to go inside at that point knowing there was nothing that I could contribute.

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way, feeding the dogs, then me and watching TV with a glass of wine. What a life.

Written 10/12/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com