A view of the park. The tall thing in the background is the WIFI tower.

Everything was back to normal when I turned on the faucet this morning and the water coming out was clear and clean. One less thing to worry about so we went for our usual morning walk. Apart from one of the Maintenance workers hosing off his 4 wheeler, and of course the ever present heavy equipment operators still working on the giant pile of earth, there was absolutely nothing going on in the park. It was very quiet as we walked around and even the dogs didn’t have a great deal of interest in anything that they normally would have. We headed back to Miss Daisy for breakfast for them and the addition of coffee for me before settling down in front of the computer for the daily work. Catching up on emails is usually very easy as most are junk or uninteresting and are quickly eliminated. Very occasionally, one pops up from a friend or a company that needs my attention but generally speaking, most are junk. I try to eliminate those that I don’t want but they have a habit of popping back up again at a later date even after I have unsubscribed from them. Emails are either a blessing or a pain even though I know that majority are not worth my time, I have to check, just in case.

Today was laundry day which occurs about once a week depending on what I got up to. This time, I needed to wash the bed linens and the single blanket besides the normal clothes and towels which meant that I ended up using three washing machines and two dryers. I had received notification that I had a parcel at the office which is located in the same building as the washroom and while I was attending to the laundry, another package was delivered, one that I had been concerned might not have arrived before we leave on Monday. It is a Tire Pressure Monitoring system for Miss Daisy which I will play with tomorrow. The Jeep already has one installed. Nothing like a bit of additional safety as we drive down the highway.

I spent the next thirty minutes making and remaking the bed with the clean sheets and blanket. It really is a pain in the butt trying to make that darn thing as I can’t reach the top or get all the way around it as I would with a normal bed in a house. I have complained bitterly before in several blogs and am still trying to find a better way. I put the rest of the clothes away which at least is an easy task and then it occurred to me that I had left some towels in one of the laundry machines. So, I jumped back in the car and made the short drive back to the Laundry Room to collect them which took maybe ten minutes and in that time, the sky opened up and it just poured down catching me as I was unloading the car. I managed to get the laundry in safe and dry but in the process of rescuing the pillows from the wicker couch, I got absolutely soaked. It poured for about thirty minutes and I mean, just fell out of the sky accompanied by loud claps of thunder.

After a change of clothes and a hot cup of tea, I felt better and after another thirty minutes, the sun came out. During all of this, my neighbor who had taken his RV in to be repaired almost a week ago, returned towing it and looking to set it back up. Don’t know if he waited or just worked through the rain as I was too busy with my own problems which compared to his, were pretty small although in both cases we got wet. He already had someone with him to help so there was not much I could have done to assist him.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual way, writing in this blog, walkies, feeding the dogs and myself and watching TV.


The steps and deck belong to my neighbor who just brought his rig back in last evening. Note the solitary fir tree behind. Not many of them around on this side of the park.

Two more days and then we move on. I went to bed at 11:00 pm last evening and still didn’t wake up until 9:30. Maybe that is my wake up time regardless of what time I go to bed. Oh well, we’ll keep trying tor the earlier morning rise. Monday, I will set the alarm as we pullout for a different campground and I want to be ready to leave here by noontime because we have a hundred mile trip.

The weather has cooled off quite considerably and it was very pleasant on our first walk of the day. There was a slight breeze and it was nice to walk around the park. Not much activity but we did see one more gentleman walking his dog. Other than that, nothing. As it is Saturday, I imagine the working people are making the most of their day off and resting up. I have to say, I do like the peace and quiet of this campground with usually, the only activity apart from the construction work, the maintenance crews keeping the place looking spic and span. Then again, I am a bit of a loner.

My neighbor from across the way had his RV set up and spent most of the day working on his deck and steps with the help of a couple of younger guys. They had it completed by mid afternoon and he then spent the rest of the time re-arranging his potted plants and such. He is another of the permanent residents. Incidentally, he has a Jayco Eagle 5th wheel similar to my old Eagle. Don’t know what year his is as it does look a little different than mine.

I spent some time going through the files in the cabinet to see exactly what was in there and did manage to thin out some of the paperwork. In most cases though, it was a case of, “better keep that just in case I might need it in the future”. I did locate a couple of items that I know I will need in January so it wasn’t an entirely wasted exercise. The weather today had really cooled off and the high was only seventy five degrees with a light breeze. Maybe Fall is really here. We went for the final walk of the day this time around the pond keeping a very careful eye out for any Alligators. Didn’t see any, thank goodness. Looks like we have been very lucky with our sighting just after we got here as I have not seen one since. Tomorrow is our last day here and we will spend some of it packing the Jeep with the wicker couch and the other sundry things we pack on and in the Jeep.

We finished the day in the usual way with feeding the dogs and then me before watching the Premier League on the television.

Written 10/16/2021 – Check out my old blog at https://pondblog2011.com