One of the trails. Notice the abundance of pine leaves and cones

We woke up at what now appears to be our usual time of 9:30 am and took a short walk around, There were people out and about and I got to chat to a couple of them and Sandy got to meet their dogs which in general, she approved. Mikey, not so much. We followed this with breakfast and decided to try out the WIFI connection which incidentally, had worked very well for the TV last evening. It appears to be OK with a few pauses and slow spots but not enough to be a problem. My views out of the windows are very nice and the pine trees are somewhat soothing, standing tall in their grandeur.

I completed yesterdays blog and worked on a few pictures that I have taken, posting a few of them on the blog. So far, this looks like a very nice park especially as it is covered in very tall fir trees. We are in East Texas Piney Woods after all. We took a look at the trails and walked short one as it was late in the evening. I didn’t have trail map yet and memories of hiking at Pedernales State Park a couple of years ago when I managed to get turned around and ended up hiking twenty one miles, a lot of it in the dark, reminded me to be more aware. Luckily, I always carry a flashlight or I probably would still be out there stumbling around.

The short trail that I chose was not that easy to walk on due to the large amount of pine needles that covered the ground. That and the tree roots which protruded all over the place. Guess I need to get used to it if I want to hike. The dogs didn’t care as they were just happy to be out walking. When we got back, I stopped by the office and acquired a map of the trails and posted it on my Iphone making sure I would not get lost in the future. Well maybe I could still get lost but at least I would be able to find my way back.

View of the woods

The people here all seem pretty friendly and several have stopped by to talk or have talked to me as we walk around. Most are long termers as you tell by the way they have their campsites set up. We have also got to meet a lot of dogs that are tied up outside of their RV’s, some friendly, others not so much and all of them barking their fool heads off. Sandy, of course will not be outbarked so it get noisy. Mikey actually joins in with the barking but he is all noise and if it came to it, no action. I noticed that there are also a few very old RV’s still in use. At least this park allows them.

Late in the afternoon, we went out for another walk and this time chose a couple of the longer trails for a distance of a little over a mile. The trails are wide and well marked and as I said before, not the best of walking. Still, all very good exercise which is badly needed as I spend so much time writing and working on photos.

We finished off the evening in the usual way, food for the dogs and then me and then watching the English Premier League going to bed around 11:30 pm.

Written 10/20/2021 – check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com