Wednesday – 10/20/2010

I managed to get up late again but as I had no real plans, it really didn’t matter that much. We did our usual thing with a walk around the park before getting breakfast and coffee followed by the check of messages just in case there was anything interesting. My friend B.J. is in Maine with her daughter and sent me pictures of some Moose that tops out anything that I have taken so far. I have yet to see a Moose in the wild.

With emails, pictures and writing out of the way, I decided that I needed to go into Coldspring and stock up on groceries as we were getting low on essentials. It was a straightforward drive to a small community of 890 residents. The biggest store is Brookshire Brothers Supermarket which I spent time wandering around. It had pretty much everything I needed. At the check out register, the clerk, an older lady, got my name off my credit card and henceforth addressed me as Mr. Frank. While I was in the parking lot unloading my cart, two different people approached me to ask if my name was Frank and to tell me I had inadvertently left a bag of groceries at the register. I thanked them and also the clerk when I approached her for the bag. She still addressed me as Mr. Frank so she had a good memory. Nice to have people look out for each other in this way. Incidentally, I think that myself and a couple of other older ladies who were shopping were the only ones wearing facemasks. As far as I could see, none of the staff wore them.

The drive back was uneventful except I could not get the map system in the Jeep to accept the address and I had to rely on my phone for directions. Even it was not working as it should as it was not giving out voice commands. The countryside here is absolutely beautiful and very green with lots of tall pine trees. We made it home safe and sound and Mikey and Sandy helped me to put the groceries away, sort of. They were more interested in going walkies than work so I harnessed them up and we set off along one of the trails and wandered around for a bit. We came across some interesting things on the walk put their probably to amuse the children although they gave me a chuckle.

On our return, we sat for a while in the wicker couch just relaxing after another hard days lounging around of not doing much. There are some interesting hikes out there and I do want to visit Lake Livingstone. With today already Wednesday, I am seriously thinking of extending my stay here. I’ll decide tomorrow.

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