Thursday – 10/21/2021

A Lone Ranger

We awoke to yet another beautiful day with the sun shining and blue, cloudless skies. With the weather already cooling down, the days are much more enjoyable when we are outside. We went for a short walk and spoke to a few park tenants who mostly are very friendly and then after breakfast, adjourned to Miss Daisy to work on the blog and on the pictures that I have been taking. I got to thinking about it and decided that we would stay for another week and I walked over to the office and made the arrangements and we are all set. The date we leave is now November 1st.

We had nothing planned for the day except the usual dog walks and writing on the computer. I took some time to work on photos that I have taken using one of my favorite programs, Photo Shop. I like to make sure that colors and textures are as good as they can be before adding my watermark to the pictures. I have been using my Iphone to take most of the pictures rather than my camera mainly for the simplicity and ease of carrying around. The camera with a long lens on it can get heavy after a while and I probably need to trade it in for a lighter model. It should be said that the pictures that the Iphone takes are of excellent quality.

Later in the afternoon, we went out for a longer walk on trails with names like Charlie’s Trail, Ashlee’s Path, Camper’s Lane and Jonny’s Street. Several of the trails interconnect and all eventually end up back at the park. we covered about a mile and a half. On our return, we sat on the wicker couch for a while and listened to an Audiobook story drinking a sparkling water which I have exchanged for the beers that I had started drinking lately. The water has zero calories and I wasn’t getting anything out of drinking beer anyway except extra weight. Guess my tastes have changed quite considerably since being a younger man. Thinking about it, the drinks I consumed a few years ago were basically just to socialize while out with my friends as I never really had a real taste for the stuff. As it was, I learned my lesson the hard way. Now, my drinking is restricted to a glass of wine in the evenings whilst watching the television especially if my favorite teams is playing poorly.

We went to bed an hour earlier than usual in the hope of waking up earlier in the morning. I guess we’ll see.

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