Friday – 10/22/2021

One of the trails

Well, going to bed early didn’t help with waking up any earlier as it was still 9:30 am before we crawled out. Interestingly enough, neither of the dogs show any inclination to get up or to wake me up. It didn’t really matter as we have nothing planned for today except the usual things like taking the dogs out walking and making breakfast. For the morning walk, we strolled around the park and not going on any of the trails. I had new neighbors pull in yesterday, actually two of them. Luckily, I am on the end of the row and have one side clear although the RV’s are spaced out and are not on top of each other. Both have small towing trailers so they may be weekenders.

I spent some time working on both this blog and the pictures that I have taken so far. Two of these were of Moose taken in Maine by my friend B.J. Lucky her as I have yet to see a Moose out in the wild. Lots of deer but no Moose. There is not the abundance of wildlife here at this park or at least, I haven’t seen anything. Very few birds and the bird feeder sits there forlornly waiting to feed somebody or something. I know it is Fall and a lot of birds have migrated but even so, their should be something out there.

In the afternoon, we went for a longer hike on the trails and covered a little over a mile mostly in densely wooded areas. The trails are wide with fallen branches and trees here and there and of course, lots of pine needles underfoot. Not difficult walking at all except for stumbling over a few tree roots but very enjoyable. When I walk alone without the dogs, I always use two walking poles to help maintain balance amongst other things. Up till now walking with the dogs, I stopped using the poles because I was not sure if I could handle both dogs and poles at the same time. Yesterday, I took one pole with me and it helped considerably with balance and stumbles and such and we were able to work things out accordingly. So I guess that I will continue with the single pole routine in the future. BTW, I read somewhere that using two walking poles can increase both distance and speed to us older guys. There is still one more long trail to walk.

Back at the RV, we sat outside for a while before retiring inside for the rest of the evening. While out there, I watched as the Park Super was playing with his daughter in the sandpit just across from me and they were having a fine old time. Nice to see and hear as she was squealing with delight. Back inside, I fed the dogs and then concocted something up for myself before settling down with a glass of wine to watch the television. For the first time, reception was poor going in and out and I had to resort to my WIFI Booster for a stronger signal. Even then, I ended up watching the Premier League on the computer which I guess, doesn’t need as strong signal as the TV, Just surmising here as what the heck do I know. As long as I can watch on something, I am happy.

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