Saturday – 10/23/2021

That is a stream but only when it rains a gully washer.

Another late rising day. Who cares? Certainly not me or the dogs. I guess that is what my camping is all about, total rest and relaxation and not a care in the world except mundane things like WIFI service and where will I go next or should I stay here longer. Stuff like that. We did our usual thing with a quick walk around the park and then I got into trouble when one old guy came out and told me that the area I was walking in was off limits. He got a little excited about it but I just let it go and turned back and took a different route. Stupid old man…Wait a minute, I might be talking about me. We finished our short morning walk and followed our usual routine of breakfast and blog writing before working on a few more pictures which took up most of the day.

My new neighbors pretty much keep themselves to themselves except to say Hello. They do not have any pets but they did go walking out on the trails for a bit. Hard not to see what goes on close around you. We went for a longer hike but before that we walked around the park. We passed one guy walking his dog with a black cat following along behind. He told me the cat who is a member of the family, always comes along on their short walks. Kinda cute to watch. Our longer hike took us over trails we have hiked before but was still very interesting and we covered about a mile. When we got back, we sat outside for a while enjoying the peace and quiet before heading back inside for food and our evenings entertainment.

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