Sunday – 10/24/2021

Miss Daisy at Rock’n E RV Park.

I am giving up on waking up early without the use of an alarm of some sort as again, it was almost 9:30 before I even awoke. I must say that the dogs are in the same routine as they don’t stir before I do and then somewhat reluctantly. Once awake, of course, there is for them an immediate sense of urgency to get out of the door to do their thing. They have learned that when I awake, there are certain things I have to do like use the toilet, shave and shower and then put on clothes even if they are only shorts and Tee shirt plus my boots, which all take a bit of time before we actually walk out of the door. Once outside, it is an immediate pull and tug to the nearest object for the first wee of the day. One I might add of many to follow as we walk around. Sandy in particular has a bottomless bladder and has to mark everything just as though she was a male dog instead of a cute little female. Mikey, not so much. Incidentally, Sandy also has a wonderful nose for scents and smells and she runs along with her nose to the ground just like a Bloodhound or other tracker dogs. No idea what it is that she smells. Other dogs or crittures maybe.

Today’s first walk was just a short one around the park and I tried something new and let the dogs, well Sandy, take us wherever she wanted to go. It was interesting as we went in all directions until eventually, she brought us back to Miss Daisy. Following breakfast, I sat in front of the computer to catch up on some of the pictures that I needed to work on and then copy them to this blog.

Both of my next door neighbors have moved out as they were only here for the weekend. So now, I am on my own again. The Park Manager stopped by to talk to me yesterday and offered me a monthly rate if I want to stay longer. I like it here and need to give it some serious thought. I would need to change site as the one I am in is for temporary campers like myself and my next door neighbors. Mine is a pull thru site making it a little easier for campers to park their rigs and not having to go through the hassle of backing in. It is easier for me with Miss Daisy as it is just like backing up a large truck and is not articulated meaning that the front wheels follow the back wheels without an extra set of wheels that swivel in between. I did some research with a view to extending our stay here as what I would like to do is shorten the trip back to Henly on December 1st. I think I have found a park that we can stay at for a week about halfway back and if that one doesn’t work out, there are plenty more out there.

We went out for our afternoon walk and this time, we took one of the longer trails and covered almost two miles of pretty easy walking. Even Sandy had slowed down towards the end so she does have her limits. Again, we found several whimsies along the trail pictured below.

We finished the walk and sat on the wicker couch until it was almost dark. It was so quiet and peaceful and the dogs were tired enough that they were glad to sit alongside me and rest up. We finished the evening in the usual fashion with food for them and then me followed by a glass of wine and watching television. What a life.

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